Tuesday, December 15, 2009

zarith,shiqin and nina and reen! :D

ala,i'm sorry didnt do this post earlier. totally forgot about it and i didnt get enough good pictures to put in here goes. :)

me and zarith promised to see each other on one day. so we picked last week which i cant remember which day. hehe. and zarith asked shiqin and nina to tag along. so, after i went to the hospital with my mom for an appointment,had some lunch with my mom and i rushed back to keramat because i was supposed to go out with her at 3pm. that time was 2something dah. and my mom decided to go to a plant shop,so i just said hang on kejap.

at 3something i arrived at home. tukar baju (mesti) and went to toilet bla bla bla and zarith called and i said..ambek me now. :D and actually i didnt know nina was coming so agak terkejut mase jumpe kat depan rumah shiqin. so we said hi hi and stuff,nina drove zarith's car and went straight to the weld sebab shiqin ade some gym there so after we eat food, dia trus pegi gym la.

upon arrival,we were so confused nak makan ape je. spend like 15minutes making rounds in the mall and came to conclusion,the secret recipe. i ate some chicken thing'y same with shiqin,zarith took tom yum and nina had some meat ball spag. mase tu serious kenyang nak mampus. but because tamak,i makan jugak. dah order kan? hahaha. lepas tu pokai. bangang.

after that, reen msg'ed and said please and please teman her to pavillion sebab nak jumpe kawan. +_+" jumpe la sangat. kan reen? hahahahaha. :p and someone tagged along as well. malas nak letak name die disini. well,went to cotton on and bought this nice long t shirt. and reen bought a pink dress. cute gler. after that, we went to have some drinks kat oldtown kopitiam. :)

me and reen had a great time. :) thanks sebab picked me up and dropped me off kat my house.