Saturday, December 19, 2009

crows zero 2

when i was introduced with this movie part1 about 10months ago,i didnt know there will be a sequel and when i found out, i asked my friend to download it for me but he was busy. nevermind that but when i found a link and download it,i was screaming..


and when it finished..TAKDE SUBTITLE..i was...fuucccckkk....

and last couple of days,i went out with my mom,2 nephews and one niece to have some lunch at pak li's kopitiam. :) so came la this DVD guy and said..amoi..u want some dvd ah? and i said,yeah sure. and THERE! i saw it! CROWS ZERO 2!! that i had already downloaded but nooo subtitle! and i was screaming! GENJI GENJI! (one of the character) and i was smiling like bimbo mane tah and forgot to pay and the dvd guys said..

i know u want your genji but i want my money. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

lawak sial. cam ah long mane tah. so i was like..owh yeah..haha. here u go!

and he walked away. so the moral of the story-none

saje je nak cite!



Adyla said...

u! crown zero citer ape ek?

sabrina said...

cite jepun pasal anak2 gangster masuk satu sekolah ni and dorang kene lawan each other to berkuasa dalam sekolah dorang. cite ni pasal lawan ah actually. ahhaha. but it's kidda cool. dalam crows zero 2,dorang lawan ngan sekolah lain plak. :D

Adyla said...

owh i seee u..hehe! cause ramai gler keep talking bout it..hehe nnt nak pnjam nak tngk also..hahahaha *x malu btol mintak2* ;P

sabrina said...

hehehe. :D if u have a thumbdrive can la. or if u takde i ade je. sebab ade dalam laptop. huhu. the second one dvd though!! nnt kite jumpe! :D