Thursday, November 13, 2008



as u all know,in uitm,all the seniors deserved to be celebrated after they kick their own ass to achieve such achievements with flying colours.

so,on the 10th of november,the seniors in my campus kuantan celebrated theirs. so,for that evening,there were all planned up and to do it perfectly,we,all the involved people went to two rehearsal. one was about two days before the event day and the other one was on that day it self. i was involved in a singing competition that i blogged a few weeks ago. me and my partner,fadli was singing every nite to practise at the dining hall(sorry to the people that live inside the campus if we did disturb u guys..teehee..:)) nway,on that was was like the prom in uitm standard..people went to the mall to make sure their hair and make up to be done. omg..the campus was deadly sunyi that time! haha. so,not excluding me,iqa,ida and salma to do the the four of us went to the mall as well after the rehearsal. sarah went with nana and hanan. it took about 1 hour and a half to make up us all.
after few hours...

we were all ready but me and salma need to be there early to eat before the actual dinner to make ourselves ready. so,me,fadli,salma and amirul were all ready and just waiting for the moment to come. at 7.45pm,the seniors arrived. that time i was already panicking about the performance..but there they were,salma,amirul and fadli making sure i'm calm and still breathing..haha..thanks u guys. :) so,it all started when iylia and hazirah introduced the MC of the nite..ashrul and azrin. then,the nite starts.
first,there was the seniors' performance
second,the seniors' graduation
the performance went well. the mics were okay and the guitars were perfect!
love that show! :) serious,love salma,fadli and amirul!!! thx u guys.
then it was continued by the seniors' graduation and etc.
at the end of the nite,me and fad were placed second runner up. and shazni was at 1st place. congrates dude. :) asmirul was the best male student. the merdeka projects were conquered by the tesl'ians. (LAW!! pe nie...haha.) and kak wawi and kak mien got their prizes as well..i forgot what..haha. sorry.. +_+'
but it was a great's just sad to let the seniors go. hope u do well in ur future. love u guys. :)


Friday, November 7, 2008



as well as u all know,if u live in uitm kuantan,how my group went under and such,but we managed to go through together and settle down in peace,we went to d last outing for the group..but i hope dis will not be the last one though.. :)

nway,we went to pantai gelora,which is about 10minutes of walking from my campus, all was there except for shubby. me,iqa,sarah,ida,nana,hanan,sha,fadli,is,megat,amirul,iylia,hazirah,zat and even iqa's ezat was there as well. :)

we had a great time running,taking pictures and such.

love you guys!!