Sunday, October 26, 2008

raya again!! in campus!!

on what date tah..but it was on wednesday,we were dreaming and smiling cuz we didnt have class until evening but was interrupted by loud lagu raya's. i was like..'iqa(my roomate)what the hell is happening down there la wei??' then she said that the raya celebration was about to start. i was like..damnit! and both of us was rebut'ing the toilet to wash ourselves and get dress in our raya baju raya. and that was when all the seniors came! owh,fyi,our seniors are quite hot. haha. so,the one i like(i cant say his name la kan..) was there! :) omg..u should asked my roomate how i react when i saw him. haha. so,all my friends were ready and they went to our room to go down together which is so cute because we ended up wearing the same colour! all of us k? not bullshitting's so true! klakar k? eheh. nway,all the purple people,my group,went down together and all people looked at us,not vein k? hehe. but dont noe if it's hatred or just jealous we're beautiful that day. :p love that day! love the food and the celebration mood!! but was interrupted by the english test after the celebration..damn it! but over all,love it!!



on the 21st of october,my class was THE class that has to sketch which is like infront of all the other classes. omg..u cant believe how nervous i was on that day. by the way,my group sketch rule dat day!! haha! yup! proud of my group like hell! love u guys! firza,sarah,hanan,izwa and nizam!! nway,my sketch is based on a kopitiam owner which died when the taiko(me! ;p) asked for money for the property. then the case was brought up to the court and the amoi win the case and the taiko was freed. amoi married to wak and bla2. our story is simple but it was hilarious like hell!! haha. hurm,but the taiko name is stuck with me whenever i go..huhu. even our english lecturer is calling me taiko..haha. whatever least my sketch went smooth and rox!! wuhu!after we all acted,we celebrated our victory by presenting a cake to our madam,madam ju because that was the last class together! aawwwhh..thanks madam ju!!


yeah! the third raya! but i'm not celebrating it because i'm in cherating! omg! i love cherating since i've been here two years ago. it's like one of my favourite places to relax from the busy town of kuala lumpur. but the not-so-nice-part is there's no more clubs there. i mean,not the club that's full of dancing people and stuff but the one that has bar in it and live band. oh god..i dont noe why they were not there. hurm..but the beach is still like usual! nice! love it! but i didnt get the chance to swim cuz i didnt bring enough clothing because after i relax at cherating,my family sent me back to my campus in kuantan which is like 30 minutes drive from cherating. nway,we went to osyter hunting to seeing a pari lying dead on the beach and not forgetting the jellyfish that was caught by this stupid boy and made the jellyfish die. damn u. haha. hurm,then we ate at haipeng which is a kopitiam in kemaman, about 1 hour drive from cherating. hai peng is like THE kopitiam in the whole of malaysia!! it has coffee(duh!) and local varieties like nasi dagang,mee hoon and such. love it!! then for dinner we went to this ikan bakar stall. we stayed there for 3days 2 nites before they sent me back to my campus..huuh..assignments..haha


first day!!

omg..i'm really sorry for not writing this topic earlier! i've been so caught up with my life,assignments and bla..bla..bla. so,this year is quite nice raya! i've managed to kumpul duit raya yang banyak cuz in my whole family,i'm one of the few that r still receiving raya money cuz i'm still studying rite?? haha. nway,the first day,me and my family went to kubur ayah and my nenek,moyang sume. then,uamh wanchik to fatten ourselves up. haha. then,went to rumah wanlong which i dont noe and my sisters went all vein with ourselves..u can see the pictures..haha..yes,good raya times..haha. then,went to wanmah's house which is like 3 minutes away from wanlong's house including the lift travel and using the car lah of course..with all the food we stuff in our stomach..u tink that we want to walk is it?? no way..i'll puke..definitely..haha. so,went to wan mimi for the last visit to rumah org. so,that's my raya..penat owkey!! even if it's like 4 houses je but the pain of smiling to our relatives..owh my god..penat..if tak senyum..muke masam sume..KECIK ATI LAH PLAK...haha.,i love my first day of raya!! u??

second day!!

on the second day of raya,every year,my house will be open to all. as usual i invited my friends but all in their own kampung so..they cant come..huu..but 3 came,my adik,syikin,my guy friend,nabil and adina!! my old school mate! love them for coming! :) so,my mom as usual cooked her special nasi beriani, and all the lauk for the nasi. delicious mak!! :) so,after that,all my family came and lepak'ed at our house until evening. until everyone went home..that's where we rest but we have to pack our bags cuz going to cherating the very next morning!!! wuhu!!

Monday, October 6, 2008







helo! need to buy few things!! let us see shall we??

  1. shirts!!
  2. jeans!
  3. watch!
  4. food!
  5. go out with friends!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


laalalalalala.... class..penat lah..from 8am until 4.30pm today..aiyo..yesterday i didnt get any sleep because i want to finish THREE assignments..omg..kill me..seriously..stressed out people..nway,now is 3pm..just another 2 hours until i reach my bed..owh.bed...i miss u..


i think i'm a bit crazy today cuz i drank 4 tins of coffee i bought at the petronas near my campus..huhu..crazzy....hhhyyyypppeeerrr!!! huhu. my brain doesnt want to suck the ILMU my lecturer's giving me it's like not spongy enough to suck it all up..but need to focus jugak cuz dis is the last topic before my final exam..shit..i just remember that..need to go..i noe u guys r like tired to read this..haha..