Friday, February 26, 2010


alone in my room. eating hup seng biscuits for dinner. listening to some nasyid song yang my campus bukak kuat2. tima kasih banyak2.

well,this is like the first post after so long. someone asked me to update it. so here i am. lots's of things changed. for a start, friendhips. i have lot of new friends here. sume gempak gempak belaka. there's aizad,candy,fafa,azri,diha,erna,kat and lots more. the most rapat would be candy kot. and paling sayang kat. :)

but the weird part was the last day when i was in kuantan. when i saw ed,eikin,zaty,nad,adib and sha. peluk2 and crying because in a few hours nak pisah and all of us giving promises. the same thing-dont forget one another. well,obviously memang sume tak ikut the promise. including me.

when i started in shah alam. the first group i went to mcd seksyen 2 was nana,hanan,zat,ed and eikin and fini. i was so scared sebab i didnt know anyone from broadcasting yet. so cam..they are the only people that i can live with. i was so jealous sebab they have one another because they are sharing the same fac and same campus. i'm the only one yang terbabas. enough.

but i got to know my broadcasting friends. my first friend was atiq and i started to know this group of people..erna,epol,zul,que and others. i felt safe and memang kuar tiap tiap hari. we're like so close until now.

but cam i didnt actually faham when my mom said..when you have new friends..u would be comfortable with them more than yang the old ones. i cant accept that fact that kitorang boleh terpisah even though kitorang rapat gler before i went to masscomm.

but then..i was the one yang call them. i was the one that msged them to come and lepak with me. be with me. and just tanya khabar. but sampai bila aku je yang kena buat? i want you guys to faham i wont have to this. i want you guys to carik me balik.

please la. hargai your friends yang sayang korang like hell than people that are rapat but stab you from your back.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

a friend of mine

i can say that this person was my guy best friend. was? yup. because both of us went different ways. i went to masscomm and this guy another course. let's give him a nickname shall we? i think 'D' should be okay.

we were ok. but cam one day i called him by mistake. i wanted to call my friend from masscomm yang same name with him and i laughed like hell lepas dapat tau yang i called this D instead. i was okay tau but suddenly when i was laughing,he hung up. nice huh? memang mase tu memang rase marah gler. but i was doing my assignment and i was at the scene of photography dah so nak call balik nak maki tak bleh. so pendam dalam dalam. which was a stupid thing to do la. sebab lagi kite simpan lagi la kite marah right? so i tried to keep it and let it go. but with my baran..well..i dont think so. hahaha.

so i msged him la marah marah. tak perlu sebenarnya but how am i supposed to bagitau. if tak marah nanti paham plak kan? so discuss sume about our friendship sume. bla bla bla. i got hurt. die normal je. hahahaha. bodo. PMS kot.

now he tego me in facebook. jadik normal balik. i hope our friendship will last weh even though ade je budak2 bangang nak jadik jugak ur bestfriend. do not forget me weh. i'll kick ur ass.

thanks anyway pakcik. :) friends forever sial.