Wednesday, December 31, 2008



i went to pavillion to see this movie. i dont know what to say exactly. maybe because jim carey is like my favourite comedy guy and i've been waiting for this movie since 5months ago and expected it to be ruined everything kot..because this movie is not rated as -BEST GLER!!!- kidda OK movie. u dig? haha. i expect something more comedy because for god's jim carrey isnt it? but was funny some parts. for me..i give it 5/10. but i do love you jim carrey!


the huge family gathering!

i went to penang on the 27th of december because i have this family gathering. a huge one actually. i am a decendent of a pagaruyung royalty which moved to penang,tanah melayu. so,every 2 years,we will have this family gathering from all across malaysia and also for our families overseas as well. on the 28th,in early morning,me,my mom and my sisters were all ready to go to USM penang where the gathering was held. we were incharge of the registration. many families came to this year's gathering. more than 400 people came. i was wearing a white kebaya..hehe..i want to tell well as my mom and one of my sister wear the same white kebaya as well. we were gorgeous. :D but i was broken hearted when my dream guy,the reporter that supposed to show up..didnt turn up..but maybe he had something ya? god knows. was a lovely day. the food was great,got to meet my cousin from penang that i know form the medan trip last month. i hope the family will keep up this tradition. the way..i'm the seventh yeah? :)


just desert

yummy yummy!
i went with my family to a desert shop somewhere in mont kiara that my sister loves to go. the deserts there is like really beautiful and of course sedap like hell! :D i ordered a strawberry something..sorry..bad memory..haha. it was delicious and i cant believe that the desert are made from tofu! cool kan?? so it's healthy as well!! wee!! so..go la to the shop! it's really nice! beside baskin robbins in mont kiara. try it!!



happy new year everyone! i thought this year i will celebrate my new year with my friends in campus but no!! i got my family and i'm in kl!! haha! what happen was..the lecturers decided that we start class on the 5th! i am..blogging myself away after seeing the fireworks on the elevated highway of ampang or something like that. was beautiful. earlier..we went to SUZY'S CORNER! i had my favourite steak..T-BONE of course and my family had sirloin,tenderloin and lamb chop. it was excellent!! so..for this year..i got some new 'purpose' to stay alive. :D here goes..

THE NEW RESOLUTION..WALAH! hard and play hard! wuhu!

2.cut my gatalness and the eyes that always fall in love with guys..damn u eyes! :p

3.kurus la weh..just cut down the food..susah kew? :D not hold handphone 24/7 my family more than friends not say babi anymore..i just did..ok..the last one. :D a good friend la..dont gado2 anymore..bored la.

8.wake up early and be more responsible every person in my life not be cocky it..just to be able to blog it inside my blog...walaweh..i do need to do all the stuff i wrote...lot's of stuff..die already..:D but seriously..sorry for everything i've done. thanks for being there for me. i love u guys! here's the list..haha



*kak dudi*

*kak owi*

*kak nita*




*miss reen*










*raja shahril(eceh)*








*class LAW A 2008*

thanks for everything..happy new year


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


weh?? separate between girls and boys? in university level is not fair! who gave that stupid idea?? shit la! geram kot! aaarrrrggghhh!!! hurm..i'm gonna miss the guys! not that i'm a whore or anything..eheh..:D whatever la..maybe the good part is like we can rule the campus..then..we can pakai short turun bawah..haha. (positive thinking...) haha..orite..uitm girls..jom pakai short and mini skirt and cakap 'we can pakai cuz the guys takde!' haha
girlss..put ur hand in the air if u agree! guys pun! i noe guys pun mati without us. ahha!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i just think it's cute. awak! :D

Dalam hati saya ade awak

Hari tu kita gaduh.

Saya main-main.

Awk ingat betul-betul

Tak tau nk buat mcmana lg

Lantak awk lah

Semlm kita berselisih..

Saya buat dunno

Awak pandang saya

Saya buat dunno jugak

Degilnyer saya..

Saya nmpk awak

Saya nk panggil

Tapi awak x toleh

Sebab saya panggil awak dalam hati

Bodohnya saya..

Awak tegur saya

Saya buat dunno

Tapi awak xtahu happynya saya

Saya dengar awak cerita

Awak kata dah jatuh cinta

Sedihnyer saya

Awak keluar tgk wayang

Saya pun

Awak keluar dengan dia

Saya tengok aje

Awak call saya

Mengacau betul.tgh tido lah

Saya layankan aje

Awak ckp awak dah putus

Saya senyum sampai ke telinga

Tapi awak tak nampak

Saya cakap..

Kesiannya awak..

Hipokritnya saya

Hari ni hari jadi saya

Tapi awak luper

Saya sedih.

Tapi takpe.awak bukannya sesiapa

Awak mintak maaf

Saya senyum aje

Saya kata tak kisah

Awak belanja tgk national treasure

Isktak romantik nyer

Tapi best per

Saya dapat T-Shirt

Cantik.suker sgt

Tapi tak tahu sape pengirimnya

Awak nampak

Awak terus balik

Saya panggil awak

Tapi awak tak toleh

Saya Cuma nak bgtahu


Saya kejar awak

Awak terus jalan

Saya tolak awak.

Awak jatuh.

Saya nampak lori

Betul-betul depan saya

Kalau ia sempat

Saya nak bagitahu.


Monday, December 22, 2008

the chemistry between bush and the shoe


that day when i saw the news about the reporter guy threw a couple of shoes to bush face,i was like 'damn...i wish i had that courage' bush..seriously,what the hell were you doing there anyway? that's the country that most of the citizens were killed because of u and u have the courage to go there? BRAVO. that's the only word that can be said. to that reporter,i salute u dude. :D but the part that bush DID elak that shoes...walaweh..he was fast..but seriously,i want to see when the shoe really hits hard on his face. that,ladies and gentlemen,what we call,NICE. but for me,if our prime minister or any slaves below him should get their own scene like this one as well.




i hate my maids! i have two maids in my house. one is always,24/7 in my house watching over those lil brats that are actually my nephews and niece. and another one which comes only twice per week. i dont know why but i really hate and get really irritated by them. ya..ya..they help me and my mom but sometimes,they are irritating!!!!! god,ok,just now,the maid that comes twice a week came to my house to clean it up and yesterday i just got my late dad's polaroid camera which u cant find easily nowadays,so,i just put it safely on my bed and went out. when i came back,she hand over the camera to my mom and said,'owh,it opens by itself and i cant close it back'. like what the hell? ya..right,the camera us alive..r u trying to say that? stupid la. i duuno why but the more i hate them,the more the irritate me. from when tah i try just to make them non-exist infront of me but there they are,saying helo or just asking me stupid questions! just give it up already! i'm not going to melt if u do good towards me,just stay out of my sight,do your job and hands off my things,it's that so hard? u are paid to do that,u notice?

furious master,sabrina

Sunday, December 21, 2008



so..the last article is about me going to medan right? well.i didnt tell the story about a guy that i met there..right? haha.'s the story. he was a reporter that was brought with my family to cover about my family's history. and he's from utusan malaysia. he's name..well..i can tell u that his name starts with 'R' and ends with 'L'. god..from the moment o met him,i know he's cute and all but i saw sparks. i is logical if he's the one. :D i really like him..hehe. and before this,my mom are not a crazy fan about her youngest daughter la..talking bout boys and such but this mom love him! and this is not weird enough k? let me make a list about the 'SIGNS' that i dunno..maybe he's gonna be mine someday? haha. let do this!!

the 'SIGN' list

1.he's the first guy i saw in the whole airport(i'm not bullshitting k??)

2.on the second day,at lunch,the only seat that is missing a butt is beside me and the only butt that didnt find any seat was his!! :D

3.he started talking to me like i'm the only girl there! die BUAT BODO kat my cousins. :D

4.on the aeroplane from medan to kl..we need to ikut our seat and my mom right..guess who seat beside my mom..HIM!! mom sakit perut and left us alone and he started talking!! :D

my status now..MELTING!!!! god..he's cute,he has a steady job,he's NOT married..what more can a girl ask?




hai u guys..i'm really sorry cuz i didnt write much in my blog lately. things occur in my life so much until i dun have the right mood to write this stuff u noe? so anyway..the motif i'm writing dis is cuz i went to medan like a few weeks ago and i didnt have any time to write bout it! owh god..i keep babling isnt it? shut up sabrina..haha.
so..let me tell u why i went there first k? actually i have a big family. like helly big!!'m from a keturunan from pagaruyung,sumatera indonesia. my great..great..great..great..great..great..(u got the picture..) granpa was from there. his name is Dato' Jenaton. he left sumatera one day cuz he was hurt by his father. so he went to tanah melayu. and he landed on penang. then he got married to my great(u want me to rewrite that long great's again??) :D grandma which is mix with arab and chinese..that's how i got my sepet eyes!! :) got me as their great grandchild.
so..i went to medan baru nie just to see my granpa's land. and the people that are related to him..or in me.

the first day,
on 28th november 2008,me and my mom with my auntie and uncle went to klia to naik the plane at 8am in the morning. so..met some families there as well and we all went together. but there are another batch that used the MAS that arrived at 12pm and another one from penang that arrived at 9pm. as well as a reporter(owh!! i tell him in another article!! :D) from utusan malaysia to cover a story about my family. 8.30am,we landed. so we rushed to a istana which is in the heart of medan city and there are some history that are related to us. then we went for our lunch and some SHOPPING!!! :D 5pm we checked-in in our hotel,GARUDA PLAZA. at 8pm we had our dinner and met some of the indonesian families in our hotel just to get close.

the second day,
we went to batu bara which is like 3hours from medan and stayed there for one night. there,we went to the village that dato jenaton lived just for a while. so there,we met our families,more than yesterday. we also went to few graves that are related to my keturunan. for dis was a bit tiring because,we went to this grave which is really deep in the jungle(scary rite?) but we can go there with ride there with was sick! haha. i mean..we got stuck and stuff..haha. because it was tanah all jadik muddy and stuff..haha. then for the next one..we went to this old istana but the prob is..the jambatan there was in the process to be had to ride this beca..haha..that was funny like hell..haha. but it was nice. i mean..k=just me and my mom u noe? we share a lot of stuff. after all the adventure,we headed to our hotel to check in(another hotel) in kisaran..which is about 20minutes from batu bara..cuz in batu bara..there was no hotel.

the third day,
we check out,then went back to batu bara and was greeted with tarian melayu and silat,owh,in batu bara ladies and gentlemen,the kaum there is purely melayu,the dance,how they dress up in traditional outfit..omg..i swear..the guys wear baju melayu and sampin k?? haha. i goodness..i thought..we're the only one that has this adat..but no..another part in the world ade gak..god..hhaa. so..there..we ate our lunch and went off to pantai bunga which is said that there was a ship there tha belongs to my great granpa that sinks there and the treasure was all there as well and if korek the beach,u can find some old coins there. after that we went dinner in a small town with teriffic performance just for us to see and we were greeted by the whole village. the was sick k? they were hurting themselves just to prove that they cant feel anything..thank god they did that AFTER the dinner...ffiiiuuuhh. :D and at 12am..we went back to medan..and about 3am baru sampai in medan was so tiring but is was amazing!!

the last day,at 8.30am..we went to have our breakfast and went back..
thanks mak for bringing me to medan with u!! and i also find my 'the one'..haha


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

scary feelings has come..

result for the final exam has finally arrive! tonite! at mom will kill me if i dont succeed..and the trust in me getting better result in future will vanish..hurm..owh..nape susah sangat..just have to read and hafal and jawab the next day..owh..i hope i have that in mind when i made up my mind that i would play more than study more...shit me..but different people said to me...
1.if u got good grades in semester 1..d rest of the following semester..u can relax a bit cuz the lecturer will b there..ur parents and family will give support cuz they noe..the last semester u did well. :D
2.if u got shitty result for the 1st semester..the rest are go back's really gonna be helly hard..owh..:(
i dunno..seriously..i mean..wat to do..i did my best in finals but in tests..owh..there i was..laughing and goofing around! weh...i'm gonna die..wish me well!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

twilight made me hooked up to robert!!


omg! i saw the film already! i give the movie 4 star rating baby! out of 5! yes! not because i'm simply devoted to robert patisson which is like hell 'yeah' hot in that movie..but the jiwangness and the simple but yet stunning scenery in that movie makes me wanna watch it 100times! god! i love u robert!! ur hot as cedric and ur hotter as edward!! aaahhhh!! marry me! haha! but i think the movie is for teenagers la. because i dunno..we hope that we have that same love story in our life as well. according to the adults..they thought it was's just that we have more imaginative mind compared to their realistic one. hurm..however,the 'why-i-wrote-this-matter' is just that u guys need to see it!! the movie and at the same time..girls..robert is mine!! haha!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

guys..just do it!! :p

Ways To Get To A Girls Heart
1. Hug her from behind.
2. Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other.
3. When standing, wrap your arms around her.
4. Cuddle with her.
5. Dont force her to do ANYTHING!
6. Write little notes.
7. Compliment her.
8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.
9. Say I love you.....and MEAN IT!
10. Brush the hair out of her eyes
11. Comfort her when she cries.
12. Love her with all your heart
Girls- add this if you think its sweet.
Guys- add this if you would do any of it

Saturday, December 6, 2008

today's special!!

orite..because i'm surrounded by gorgeous's not fair for u guys not to know take the responsible act to 'promote' them to u guys. ahaks! :) enjoy babies.



omg...this movie is crazy..i'm currently watching it..god..the first part is like ganas already...huhu. anyhow..i'm gonna scare myself anyway..haha. just watch it la...dah tengok right? haha. but i think the director is really sick to do this kind of movie la weh...serious..hurm..actually i'm writing this blog now cuz i dun want to see...haha.

but serious..among all the saw favourite was saw 3. weh..i thought they said right that saw4 was the last one but nie ade this saw5..apekah?? this movie also they said it's like the last one..aiyo..bullshit la. we just see la. haha. owkey..gonna continue scaring myself. :) bye2!



Friday, December 5, 2008



it's been nearly a month i didnt write anything in dis blog. i'm so sorry.
anyhow,i went to taiping. owh..did i mention,my uncle and my cousin from australia came? so..we went to taiping,just the four of us. me,my mom,my uncle[ayah ngah] and my cousin[yasmin] so we went about 9am in the morning. passed thru the roads adn went to taiping just to see my mom and my uncle's birth place. before taiping..we went to gerik for a short while..i cant remember what we were doing there. haha. sorry. so..after that we went to taiping. we went to the famous lake garden where my cousin,yasmin brought her XLR camera to take some pictures and me and my mom took some as well. for dinner,DOLI is the best!! wuhu! the kuey tiaw is like 30% and the rest are all kerang and prawns!! god! nice! so..we just spend one night jew there. the next morning,we went back to lake garden for some last shots and went to bukit larut but unfortunately..we need to have appointment and booking to go up the hill...owh..sad la weh. aiyo. owh..we also went to the taiping muzeum but it's like close for renovation..aiyo..muy luck wasnt there with me la that time..huhu. and yeah..that's my cousin[the picture]

so..that was it but it's like so much fun cuz that dat when i went to taiping..i just finish my semester.'s like a treat after a long period of looking at books and such! god! thx for bringing me!! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008



as u all know,in uitm,all the seniors deserved to be celebrated after they kick their own ass to achieve such achievements with flying colours.

so,on the 10th of november,the seniors in my campus kuantan celebrated theirs. so,for that evening,there were all planned up and to do it perfectly,we,all the involved people went to two rehearsal. one was about two days before the event day and the other one was on that day it self. i was involved in a singing competition that i blogged a few weeks ago. me and my partner,fadli was singing every nite to practise at the dining hall(sorry to the people that live inside the campus if we did disturb u guys..teehee..:)) nway,on that was was like the prom in uitm standard..people went to the mall to make sure their hair and make up to be done. omg..the campus was deadly sunyi that time! haha. so,not excluding me,iqa,ida and salma to do the the four of us went to the mall as well after the rehearsal. sarah went with nana and hanan. it took about 1 hour and a half to make up us all.
after few hours...

we were all ready but me and salma need to be there early to eat before the actual dinner to make ourselves ready. so,me,fadli,salma and amirul were all ready and just waiting for the moment to come. at 7.45pm,the seniors arrived. that time i was already panicking about the performance..but there they were,salma,amirul and fadli making sure i'm calm and still breathing..haha..thanks u guys. :) so,it all started when iylia and hazirah introduced the MC of the nite..ashrul and azrin. then,the nite starts.
first,there was the seniors' performance
second,the seniors' graduation
the performance went well. the mics were okay and the guitars were perfect!
love that show! :) serious,love salma,fadli and amirul!!! thx u guys.
then it was continued by the seniors' graduation and etc.
at the end of the nite,me and fad were placed second runner up. and shazni was at 1st place. congrates dude. :) asmirul was the best male student. the merdeka projects were conquered by the tesl'ians. (LAW!! pe nie...haha.) and kak wawi and kak mien got their prizes as well..i forgot what..haha. sorry.. +_+'
but it was a great's just sad to let the seniors go. hope u do well in ur future. love u guys. :)


Friday, November 7, 2008



as well as u all know,if u live in uitm kuantan,how my group went under and such,but we managed to go through together and settle down in peace,we went to d last outing for the group..but i hope dis will not be the last one though.. :)

nway,we went to pantai gelora,which is about 10minutes of walking from my campus, all was there except for shubby. me,iqa,sarah,ida,nana,hanan,sha,fadli,is,megat,amirul,iylia,hazirah,zat and even iqa's ezat was there as well. :)

we had a great time running,taking pictures and such.

love you guys!!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

raya again!! in campus!!

on what date tah..but it was on wednesday,we were dreaming and smiling cuz we didnt have class until evening but was interrupted by loud lagu raya's. i was like..'iqa(my roomate)what the hell is happening down there la wei??' then she said that the raya celebration was about to start. i was like..damnit! and both of us was rebut'ing the toilet to wash ourselves and get dress in our raya baju raya. and that was when all the seniors came! owh,fyi,our seniors are quite hot. haha. so,the one i like(i cant say his name la kan..) was there! :) omg..u should asked my roomate how i react when i saw him. haha. so,all my friends were ready and they went to our room to go down together which is so cute because we ended up wearing the same colour! all of us k? not bullshitting's so true! klakar k? eheh. nway,all the purple people,my group,went down together and all people looked at us,not vein k? hehe. but dont noe if it's hatred or just jealous we're beautiful that day. :p love that day! love the food and the celebration mood!! but was interrupted by the english test after the celebration..damn it! but over all,love it!!



on the 21st of october,my class was THE class that has to sketch which is like infront of all the other classes. omg..u cant believe how nervous i was on that day. by the way,my group sketch rule dat day!! haha! yup! proud of my group like hell! love u guys! firza,sarah,hanan,izwa and nizam!! nway,my sketch is based on a kopitiam owner which died when the taiko(me! ;p) asked for money for the property. then the case was brought up to the court and the amoi win the case and the taiko was freed. amoi married to wak and bla2. our story is simple but it was hilarious like hell!! haha. hurm,but the taiko name is stuck with me whenever i go..huhu. even our english lecturer is calling me taiko..haha. whatever least my sketch went smooth and rox!! wuhu!after we all acted,we celebrated our victory by presenting a cake to our madam,madam ju because that was the last class together! aawwwhh..thanks madam ju!!


yeah! the third raya! but i'm not celebrating it because i'm in cherating! omg! i love cherating since i've been here two years ago. it's like one of my favourite places to relax from the busy town of kuala lumpur. but the not-so-nice-part is there's no more clubs there. i mean,not the club that's full of dancing people and stuff but the one that has bar in it and live band. oh god..i dont noe why they were not there. hurm..but the beach is still like usual! nice! love it! but i didnt get the chance to swim cuz i didnt bring enough clothing because after i relax at cherating,my family sent me back to my campus in kuantan which is like 30 minutes drive from cherating. nway,we went to osyter hunting to seeing a pari lying dead on the beach and not forgetting the jellyfish that was caught by this stupid boy and made the jellyfish die. damn u. haha. hurm,then we ate at haipeng which is a kopitiam in kemaman, about 1 hour drive from cherating. hai peng is like THE kopitiam in the whole of malaysia!! it has coffee(duh!) and local varieties like nasi dagang,mee hoon and such. love it!! then for dinner we went to this ikan bakar stall. we stayed there for 3days 2 nites before they sent me back to my campus..huuh..assignments..haha


first day!!

omg..i'm really sorry for not writing this topic earlier! i've been so caught up with my life,assignments and bla..bla..bla. so,this year is quite nice raya! i've managed to kumpul duit raya yang banyak cuz in my whole family,i'm one of the few that r still receiving raya money cuz i'm still studying rite?? haha. nway,the first day,me and my family went to kubur ayah and my nenek,moyang sume. then,uamh wanchik to fatten ourselves up. haha. then,went to rumah wanlong which i dont noe and my sisters went all vein with ourselves..u can see the pictures..haha..yes,good raya times..haha. then,went to wanmah's house which is like 3 minutes away from wanlong's house including the lift travel and using the car lah of course..with all the food we stuff in our stomach..u tink that we want to walk is it?? no way..i'll puke..definitely..haha. so,went to wan mimi for the last visit to rumah org. so,that's my raya..penat owkey!! even if it's like 4 houses je but the pain of smiling to our relatives..owh my god..penat..if tak senyum..muke masam sume..KECIK ATI LAH PLAK...haha.,i love my first day of raya!! u??

second day!!

on the second day of raya,every year,my house will be open to all. as usual i invited my friends but all in their own kampung so..they cant come..huu..but 3 came,my adik,syikin,my guy friend,nabil and adina!! my old school mate! love them for coming! :) so,my mom as usual cooked her special nasi beriani, and all the lauk for the nasi. delicious mak!! :) so,after that,all my family came and lepak'ed at our house until evening. until everyone went home..that's where we rest but we have to pack our bags cuz going to cherating the very next morning!!! wuhu!!

Monday, October 6, 2008







helo! need to buy few things!! let us see shall we??

  1. shirts!!
  2. jeans!
  3. watch!
  4. food!
  5. go out with friends!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


laalalalalala.... class..penat lah..from 8am until 4.30pm today..aiyo..yesterday i didnt get any sleep because i want to finish THREE assignments..omg..kill me..seriously..stressed out people..nway,now is 3pm..just another 2 hours until i reach my bed..owh.bed...i miss u..


i think i'm a bit crazy today cuz i drank 4 tins of coffee i bought at the petronas near my campus..huhu..crazzy....hhhyyyypppeeerrr!!! huhu. my brain doesnt want to suck the ILMU my lecturer's giving me it's like not spongy enough to suck it all up..but need to focus jugak cuz dis is the last topic before my final exam..shit..i just remember that..need to go..i noe u guys r like tired to read this..haha..



Monday, September 29, 2008



i just knew that i need to duet for lawesl idol..for those who doesnt know what the hell is it,lawesl idol is LAW+TESL idol..which is a singing competition. all of us,law and tesl studs were FORCED..(but i like it..hehe) to do audition on i think..somewhere in august..then 30 people were 'TERPILIH' and this 30 people need to sing again for semi finale that cut us into 11 people and i'm one of the 11 people tu...nway,for final,we all need to sing at our seniors' annual dinner.

but i think..i think la kan..i'm d only person in this competition yang taking this competition seriously tau tak..i i poyo to pike bout dis competition everyday? before i noe dat i have to duet with someone,i've already ready with a guitarist,my favourite guitarist ever,salma! :) to sing when ur gone by avril..acoustically..damn..i feel guilty like hell when we dapat tau yang we need to duet..the first thing i thought about when abang chubby said to us that we need to duet is salma..she's like been latihan'ing herself to play guitar for me owh..suddenly je something occur..aiyo..but now i'm trying to get a song that me and my partner,FADLY,can sing at the same time with salma playing the guitar..huhu.

nway,i got fadly as partner siut!!! wuhu!! thank god!! best owkey! dat we can sing with our own b.fren!! yeehaa!! haha!

so,tell me what duet songs i should nyanyi orite!! :) thx!!



Sunday, September 28, 2008

thank god!


after the meeting,i think we got it clear that the issue is not an issue we can live peacefully more more more fights. lalalala..we can sing happily,see people in lovely way,no more dendam'ish in ourselves.

thank you people for making this issue dissolve in a peaceful way.

i am actually a bit nervous making my way in that room that day..huh..we can feel the tense in everyone but everyone looked cool..except for nervous does show on my face..haha..

but seriously,dun be enemies in this small place we have..we need each other.

love you guys





celebrated my b'day today!! after 18 years live in this world..lots of right things and bad things i've done along with. let's make a list ya??

the good things:

1.i learn how to pray!! :)

2.learn how to make frens n keeping them to value my family especially my mom who's jaga'ing me since birth and after my dad passed away branded stuff cuz i always mintak them as my presents!! haha! my family..again!! :) myself and keeping it from hurting.

7.learn how to jage myself from bitches,bastards and backstabbers which appears everyday nowdays.

8.weh..i'll update the list nanti2 lah..

the bad things:

1.shouted to people that i really hate

2.dunno how to control my anger

3.tertinggal subuh..shit..

4.easy to hate people

5.easy to have a crush on someone..which irritate people..which i dunno guys i HAD crush on has nothing to do with dis people..makes me wonder more..hurmmm..

6.not easy to forgive people when it' not my fault and that person hurted me.

7.i'll update in near future..:),the gud things i'll continue doing but the bad things i'm trying to stop aite people..teehee. :) i love u guys!!



Sunday, September 21, 2008

broken hearted..lah sangat.


it makes me wanna puke if i've done nothing wrong but some people tend to make it like it is my fault? helo,weh,if ur not satisfied,tell to my face,dont go run away this is college..grow up!penat lah weh. dah lah we kidda rapat.i have th e rights to say this because YES,i've done nothing wrong! so,what u want me to do? kiss ur feet and beg u to make u come back yeah? in ur dreams. as u know,i'm not that kind of person unless it is really my fault. nak merajuk wat per cik kak? ur 18,i'm 18,say to my face,confont me,like i care,but at least i noe what the hell is ur problem towards me,or as u said,"my problem"?? alah..dun want to confront,kill me leh..and go on with it. because i dun have any pukes left.