Wednesday, December 31, 2008


happy new year everyone! i thought this year i will celebrate my new year with my friends in campus but no!! i got my family and i'm in kl!! haha! what happen was..the lecturers decided that we start class on the 5th! i am..blogging myself away after seeing the fireworks on the elevated highway of ampang or something like that. was beautiful. earlier..we went to SUZY'S CORNER! i had my favourite steak..T-BONE of course and my family had sirloin,tenderloin and lamb chop. it was excellent!! so..for this year..i got some new 'purpose' to stay alive. :D here goes..

THE NEW RESOLUTION..WALAH! hard and play hard! wuhu!

2.cut my gatalness and the eyes that always fall in love with guys..damn u eyes! :p

3.kurus la weh..just cut down the food..susah kew? :D not hold handphone 24/7 my family more than friends not say babi anymore..i just did..ok..the last one. :D a good friend la..dont gado2 anymore..bored la.

8.wake up early and be more responsible every person in my life not be cocky it..just to be able to blog it inside my blog...walaweh..i do need to do all the stuff i wrote...lot's of stuff..die already..:D but seriously..sorry for everything i've done. thanks for being there for me. i love u guys! here's the list..haha



*kak dudi*

*kak owi*

*kak nita*




*miss reen*










*raja shahril(eceh)*








*class LAW A 2008*

thanks for everything..happy new year