Wednesday, December 17, 2008

scary feelings has come..

result for the final exam has finally arrive! tonite! at mom will kill me if i dont succeed..and the trust in me getting better result in future will vanish..hurm..owh..nape susah sangat..just have to read and hafal and jawab the next day..owh..i hope i have that in mind when i made up my mind that i would play more than study more...shit me..but different people said to me...
1.if u got good grades in semester 1..d rest of the following semester..u can relax a bit cuz the lecturer will b there..ur parents and family will give support cuz they noe..the last semester u did well. :D
2.if u got shitty result for the 1st semester..the rest are go back's really gonna be helly hard..owh..:(
i dunno..seriously..i mean..wat to do..i did my best in finals but in tests..owh..there i was..laughing and goofing around! weh...i'm gonna die..wish me well!


Anonymous said...

so sab... berapa pointer? was it a four flat. haha