Friday, December 5, 2008



it's been nearly a month i didnt write anything in dis blog. i'm so sorry.
anyhow,i went to taiping. owh..did i mention,my uncle and my cousin from australia came? so..we went to taiping,just the four of us. me,my mom,my uncle[ayah ngah] and my cousin[yasmin] so we went about 9am in the morning. passed thru the roads adn went to taiping just to see my mom and my uncle's birth place. before taiping..we went to gerik for a short while..i cant remember what we were doing there. haha. sorry. so..after that we went to taiping. we went to the famous lake garden where my cousin,yasmin brought her XLR camera to take some pictures and me and my mom took some as well. for dinner,DOLI is the best!! wuhu! the kuey tiaw is like 30% and the rest are all kerang and prawns!! god! nice! so..we just spend one night jew there. the next morning,we went back to lake garden for some last shots and went to bukit larut but unfortunately..we need to have appointment and booking to go up the hill...owh..sad la weh. aiyo. owh..we also went to the taiping muzeum but it's like close for renovation..aiyo..muy luck wasnt there with me la that time..huhu. and yeah..that's my cousin[the picture]

so..that was it but it's like so much fun cuz that dat when i went to taiping..i just finish my semester.'s like a treat after a long period of looking at books and such! god! thx for bringing me!! :)