Sunday, March 29, 2009

helo kuantan

arrived in kuantan already! sorry for the people that i didnt bagitau dat i'm came back. i have my own good reasons. huhu. now enjoying a cup of hot choco kat starbucks in east cost mall. loving it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

which is more important?

telling a secret from a friend that you just knew for about 2weeks which is going to effect other people if i dont tell them..and they are the ones that i cherish more than that friend?


just shut up,let them know by themselves but when they find'll be too late?


two great movies=PERFECT

hey. still in kuala lumpur. just came back from klcc. went there to see a movie,TALENTIME. omg,as usual,my favourite movie director,yasmin ahmad came up with yet another brilliant movie. god,how does she gets all the idea i wonder..while eating some buah salak bought by my mom from yogjakarta. owh,she flew from yogjakarta yesterday,got my abang ipar to pick my mom and my oldest sister and my lil niece from the airport. they went there since tuesday. went i was in melaka. anyway..the movie was PERFECT. owh..actually..i went to klcc for the second time for that movie. the first visit was for the movie,the confession of a shopaholic. it was a great movie but sadly,it didnt make it to my favourite list of movies that i adore until i die. haha. but talentime di. serious it la. it doesnt make any harm except for the racist part. yeah..there was a few parts in that movie. but what the hell right? i can admit that i AM a bias. because this is yasmin ahmad's it's ok. shitto. :p i went to the talentime movie with my sister and my mom and the first movie was just me and my sister. i love the movies that i already watched today. owh!! i love the indian guy from the movie-MAHESH!! omg! he's like so hot and cute at the same time! please la weh..he's like the hottest indian guy alive. haha. he's like perfect. haha. shit la..every guy that i like is perfect. bullshitto i call it. haha. but's not wrong to call a guy perfect right? please watch the movie. serious. i'm leaving for kuantan tomorrow. watch it u guys.
muah muah.

Friday, March 27, 2009

a quote to remember

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away.

-shane to mandy-
-a walk to remember-

Thursday, March 26, 2009


hey. for the people that knows me very well. u guys wouldn't believe that i have a few interest in models..because of my ego and my weird hyper-active self. haha. but yeah. i have a few favourite models in my life..these are all my favourite models. ENJOY. :D


heidi klum

adriana lima

four hours journey

hey! i'm now in kl people! so glad to be home. tomorrow i shall pick up my mom from the airport. that's all for now. owh..i just knew that the Singaporean guy's name is TANK! love it. thanks for the information!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


sorry for the non-updated blog babies. for your information,i was in melaka since friday. for the 1st malaysia open debate. but yes...i know..i'm not the one yang debate again. i was there to learn. so..instead of debating..i went there to observe my team and to be the time keeper. so..the first day,friday the 20th of march,we bertolak at 8pm after buying some burgers and the arrival of the jengka team. so..the perjalanan was like 7 hours patut nyer la..but all the break and such..and the *garang* pakcik driver bus uitm dengan lambatnyer bawak (sorry..i hate him because he was angry at me because i dont know how to open the bus nyer storage thing'iy..yang in my life i panggil it boot?) haha..watever ended up sampai melaka at 5 in the morning. terer kan? muahaha..yang klakar lagi right..kitorang siap sesat kat melaka..we cant find the campus in city. bodo gler..then dah sampai kitorang dapat tau dat the rooms for us tak cukup but team was the coolest team ever..we just redha je la and slept like angels until 11am. then..siap macam nak mati because the competition nak start dah. :D siap sume so off we went to MMU melaka. competition was cool. my teammates were med,amirul and hazirah..and i'm their reserve la. so..everytime dorang cakap kat depan,i will understand la how to speak and such. habis je..before i went hone..i took a picture with a white dude. the pic above. haha. :D
the second day..we went to MMU but for that day..i cant be with my group because reserved cannot rapat and brain storm with them..:( sedih la but i can still watch the debate..thank god. tulis a few points and off we went home some dinner and off we went to the jonker street at 12am. haha. serious. so..when we arrived was about 1am already. went to jonker street and the red church. then..went we want to go back we ended up jumpe the jengka team so we went to the road where there are all the museums. ended up again..kitorang pegi mcdonald's!! large coke for me! dah la bleh refill..aaahh..the beauty of coke. :D love that coke! please god..can i have a coke kilang? anyway..lepas tu tido mati until next morning.
the third day..i ended up being the tourist guide for myself,salma,iylia,madam shat,miss suria,firdaus,ashrul..and yada2. went to 5 tempats..the ship in the middle of melaka tu..tak ingat name..then river cruise,menara taming sari,a'famosa and cendol. madam belanja. thanks madam :D so..went to our campus..siap2..went back to MMU..dok dalam bus for 1 hour then convoi to this water..something2..resort. owh..forgot to tell u guys..i found a guy..a adjudicator for my team's last round of debate. i helped him to keep the time. :D so..that night..the dinner..i saw him again. so..i;m like so ready to say hi..i mean..this is the first guy that i really like and i say hi first!! :D it's not an everyday habit u know..only guys that i really like i will tego them first? :) like him la. so..i took a picture with him..but because of my stupidness...and the nervous level..i forgot to ask his phone number and email..he's singaporean and he's 21 years old. he's a graduate student from temasek polytechnic. hurm..if u guys know him..SOMEHOW..please make me and him meet again and my life would be perfect already..:)
make me happy readers..find him. :)
love u guys.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


i just got tagged by my fazrina. :) so..people that i listed..please take this taggy and post it in ur blogs k? tata!!

the people
5.edelin other readers!!

1. puteri (cbn people)
2. sab (uitm people)
3. put (half cbn people)
4. na (family)

1. 10th november 2008
2. 28th september any year la. family member's date.
4. my friend's birthday

1. class
2.lepak starbucks
3. buat bodoh
4. talked to...salma,hanan,nana,ida,iqa,sha,fadli,madam shat,all the law d class people and yada yada

1. with the guy..cukup..settle.perfect
2. minum coke..cherry
3. anything cherry would be fine
4. minum coke. haha

1. just that guy,cukup,settle,happy,perfect
2. money
3. unlimited drinks from starbucks
4. coke industry

1. blogging
2. gossips..wala!
3. being a lifeless person....(just enter here some cricket sound k?)
4. being in love

1. europe
2. thailand..bangkok ah
3. bali
4. melaka,ipoh and under one la..under malaysia

1. coke
2. vanilla coke
3. cherry coke
4. thomas cherry soda

1. clothes la
2. books
3. bed
4. clothes

1. purple!!
2. red
3. black
4. white

1. pokok tenet campus
2. starbucks..any starbucks
3. east cost mall
4. pavillion

1. that guy la stupid
2. my mom
3. my sisters
4. my friends la..takleh specific..nanti ade ah kecik ati..huhu

1. terminal. ade ah..
2. handphone
3. my home in kl
4. my mom

1. eyh..i did a list bout the people i want who will do this survey already..scroll up
2. ......
4. .......

1. tagged by reen
2.i'm just bored
3. i miss someone..takde kene mengena..i know
4. i just feel like doing it OK?

dah..finish already..:)

haha. something funny for u guys to read!
:D sorry for the person that terlibat. hahah
anyway,my house consist of 3 rooms,my room,****'s room and the tesl'ian room. then..yesterday,iwas in ****'s room..all the sudden..**** just finish taking a bath..all of us was there in her room..but she suddenly lock the door as if all of us wasn't there and we were outside!
haha..i dunno if u guys faham ke tak but it was funny like hell!!!
i love u even though u did that dear! haha! muah2! i love u each and everyone of u. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009


it happened on last was 5.30 in the morning. eh2..jap2..let me explain first,uitm kuantan for girls' campus is like an called la. every level there will be two houses for each of the floors. so,my house is on the second floor. so,what happened was,last friday,in my house there were only me,hanan,sarah and ida was in the house sleeping in the living room and wawa,qila and as in their room la. so,that night we were like sleeping nightmare and such. so,it was a weekend so we end up sleeping until..........afternoon. no specific time la. haha. but it was not because we want to bangun was because my neighbour,iylia,woke us up with a very thrilling story about what happened on the first floor. their laptops,handphones and money all gone already. seriously. and whats more scary is that he left something la..his shit in the toilet. in malays belief,it was one of the care for black magic to occur. the person that left the nasty thing in the toilet bowl is just learning how to 'pukau' the people that he wants to attack. so,that's what he did la. he pukau all the girls in both of the houses below our floor and took all their expensive stuffs. shitty right? i mean come on..we're students la weh. have some simpity la. kesian dont have any life is it? damn you. but the scary part is that a person told us that,that particular stupid person MAYBE going to come back to my block..because ours yang paling hujung will come back to go the second level plak. shit weh...scary tahap cipan. so..after hearing the news about he's possible comeback..we all cried..duh..scared kot. and all of us called our parents and cried and asked for advice and such. so yesterday we all prayed together and bace yassin. so..please..people out there pray for us for our safety. please.


see? i'm already bored. cam agak bangang ah. hurm..let me tell you a story..i wanna go home but i cant..kot la..because i need to go mmu melaka. but i already bought the ticket to go back home. but if i go to melaka best favourite place on earth kot. owh2! did i tell u guys bout the quick sand incident? i was kutip'ing the shell and the mother pearl that i found around the beach near portugis settlement. so..when i was kutip'ing..i fell into a quicksand..i was like..shit..i'm gonna die!! so,i jerit without moving because i learned that if gerak banyak2..i will go deeper and deeper. like..omg..serious takut. then..i jerit la my sister's name..'kak nita!!!' but she didnt hear the first time but when i called out so many times after that,she heard and there she was..flying towards me like superwoman. haha. no la but she was panicking la her beloved sister was like half way through the stupid quicksand already. bangang..i hate quicksand. haha. the more bangang'er..the first person that i called was that stupid crush..(which if u read the earlier know la..the 'wow' post) so anyway..stupid2..i dont know why i called the guy. macam la die kesah right? bodo...i hate myself to be in that quicksand and called him. BODO BODO BODO BODO BODO!!!!!!!

what i'm trying to say ACTUALLY was about MMU kan? what the hell la sabrina? so yeah..i'm confuse..should i go or not? that's all.

beloved blogger,
sabrina jiwang karat.

dearest readers

i will stop making blogs for awhile. i need to have some time for myself. say 'boo' to that person for making me like this. i will be back. dont worry..i'm fine..i'm not gonna kill myself.
but if i'm bored or something i'll write.
gonna miss u guys.


i just read some shoutout in friendster earlier that i think it suits me very very well. 'i rather be alone,if i know that i cant have you'. wow. the quote was in myself that i cant get it out of my head. it's like a sharp pain in my heart. keep on poking me. it hurts. i mean,be proud la weh,ur the first guy i really like kot. we've been friends since last year and you can just let it go? not for me. if it's not for my dearest friends that keeping me from texting and do anything to communicate with you,i already text you. but with your bad ass ego vs mine,no one will message each other will we? i will only hurt myself. but how can i just forget? you were there when i was down. you were there if i'm confused about something. hey,'s kidda stupid to think bout the top friends agenda..but come on people,the people that we put on our top friend list are people that we not deny it. so,it hurts when you suddenly put me out from the top friend list. then you put some stupid bitch's picture instead. weh,tolong la. i know you never couple before but for god sake,come on,i think the monkeys beside my school last2 year can know the likish that i gave to you since last year.come on,you suddenly think that you are the hottest guy ke? *puke* i dont know bout everyone else but one thing,i like you because of who you are la weh..we've been friends since 10th november 2008. not because of your looks that the bitches can see on you. it hurts la weh. it does. can you at least stop it?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


takde air kat kuantan for 3 days sial.
dah la class go on as usual. nice.
busuk sial..haha. but nasib here in girl's campus ade air.
the problem was a guy died in the tangki air..
they just got the
holly crap..

just like a movie

hey. just came back from kl about 2 days ago. watch a movie. about a family. about a girl. she went home with all sorts of problems in her hands which she needs to share with her beloved ones. so,she went home from all the hectic life she has in US. but when she arrived home,her family already have so much problem. all the problems went to her. she didn't have any time to tell them la because they were telling her their part of the story. in her life..she already have needed her family to support her,and to run away from all the problems..she went home but what can she do if her family already have their problems of their own? she cried when her parents took a fight with her older sister. but what can she do? when she advice the parents..they wouldn't listen. they think their decision is right enough without investigating first what is actually going on. like herself..she thinks that the sister is innocent because she heard both sides. she knows that her sister is plain innocent. so,she went back to US,but they never know what was her part of the story and how she cried in the plane all the time through out the journey.


how am i gonna love u if u keep pushing me away?

Monday, March 9, 2009

jengka anyone?

maybe going to jengka this thursday!! yeay! i miss jengka! never been to jengka since the orientation week..owh..when i'm still a virgin for the university life..skang like setan..haha. jengka!!!


finish my assignment!!! :D happy2. just finish printing it. penat2. but it was a very simple assignment actually but just malas nak wat awal2..ngok2..haha. tata! next is forum..but we need to debate bout the topic between the members of our groups..which has 4 people in it. so..maybe kitorang taking the plastic surgery topic kot. :) and ade lak exercise..kene somehow solve 5 cases..not solve it la.just need to list down whos the judge and yada2..wish me luck? haha. thanks. love u guys!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the hurt

so..whatever..i can easily love a guy. or just have a lil crush on him. when a guy treat me better than any other girl,i can just easily fall for that guy. especially for the funny kind of guy..perfect. :) like what the girls of mine has said..i have to stop loving every freaking guy that i know. but would i know if that guy is the one if u girls keep stopping me? and if that guy is not the one..u girls will actually say in ur heart..we told u so. hurts..yes..maybe they want to save me from all the misery of love. thanks. but yes..i think this guy that i know recently is a huge mistake. that's why ade banyak sangat halangan kot. my own best friend like him as well. before me actually. hurm..the guilt..yeah..there was but i dont know..i dont want to be the bitch that takes my own best friend's crush. that's sick. so..i think it is time to back off. for me..other people's happiness is much more important than mine. i love my friends than a jerk. not all guys are jerks but in my life..i always get the bad one. think from now on..concentrate in studies la. love2 ni agak bullshit ah skang. i hate love. lambat laun pun the love insyaallah datang right? maybe i should just wait kot. malas la nak hurt lagi. because even with this new guy pun..hurt je..he's like the most nicest guy ever la..but he still hurts me. so..pape la. study sab study. chaiyo!

this group is cute! :D

i just knew this group from a friend of mine. i think how they dance is so cute!! besides..the song is so damn addictive! listen and watch!!! their name is generation girls or snsd. this song is called 'gee'

Words that start with S!
20 February 2009 at 02:50
It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag ten or more people.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: sabrina baby!

2. A four Letter Word: soul..:)

3. A boy's Name: shahrir? haha

4. A girl's Name: sarah. :D

5. An occupation: sit back and relax!

6. A color: silver!

7. Something you'll wear: shirt

8. A food: sushi! hait!

9. Something found in the bathroom: shampoo!!

10. A place: swimming pool!

11. A reason for being late: stuck in the jam!

12. Something you'd shout: shit!

13. A movie title: spiderman!!

14. Something you drink: sirap! :D

15. A musical group: simple plan! :D

16. An animal: swan

17. A street name: 6th avenue

18. A type of car: sephia

19. The title of a song: shall we dance

We need more words/stuffs etc that starts with the letter H...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a day with pizza

helo people.
went to have some pizza yesterday. walaupun pokai..haha. sanggup tak makan today. muahaha. u noe..combining friends and pizza is like so great. serious. after had some pizza,when to starbucks teman sarah and she blanje me a drink. thanks sarah! love u! love u guys gak!! :D

hari hujan yang indah

hey! the other day..on monday..i went to debate's practice in the other campus..padang we were there already..we were informed that there was no for a drink kat a warung near the campus. suddenly..hoish..hujan was nice!! haha. so..we ran back to the campus..but tengah2 dah semput..haha. so..i end up just walking..shit..i need to build my stamina weh..or i end up walking in rain for the rest of my life. haha. so..dah kate pun basah me and friend..had a brilliant idea which is to main hujan!! was damn brilliant!! haha! best sial..ya lah..the last main hujan i think was form 3? hoish..lame gler dah..seriously..everyone patut buat seh..haha. with us..megat came along..main hujan..all the way to petronas and patah balik. haha. nasib i was wearing a non see through clothes. huhu. after that..we went back to the campus with a smile on our faces. puteri sabrina...awak sangat budak kecik. :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

coming home

hey! tomorrow i shall go to the terminal and go on the transnasional bus and kuala lumpur here i come. hurm..maybe i still have the bad 'ong' or bad luck with me. because i dunno why i keep having this sad mood thru out the whole week..i cant think straight. i need my family. thank god for the holiday on monday next have bout 5days to relax my mind.'s not long for my big issue..indeed..but what to do right? quit? hah! gler ke per? huhu..hurm..hoish! i need to have my strong inner self..back..seriously..i become weaker and weaker by day. why? i'm not sure. actually..i'm not really sure why i'm like this..why i'm not happy all the time. because of...maybe? huh..bullshit..crush cant make me weak. miss my home? hurm..maybe..maybe. penat la..seriously..penat sangat. or just i'm tired to tepuk sebelah tangan? huh..whatever la..i just need my mom and my house
see u kl

Sunday, March 1, 2009

debate's dinner

orite..fine..i know u guys are tired with the debate's title..over and over again..sukati blog wat..hee. anyway..i got this dinner for the debate uitm jengka+kuantan on the 3rd of april 2009. so..the theme is masquerade..jap..dat's how u spell it right? anyway..this theme require to wear a mask..which i dunno where to find...tell me people..where to find it in my chatbox..please!! susah la..mane penah in my life penah carik..hurm..i think in toys r us ade kot..but tu bukan utk kanak2 kerw? pelik2...i dun wanna wear catwoman or a witch's mask..i'll end up looking like a bitch..haha. kidding. hurm..pening2..for the dress plak..aiyo..susah la sayang oi..penat nak carik..hurm..dah la kene tutup aurat because this is uitm we're talking mini skirts..owh..wat the skirts above the ankle to be!!! reen!! shopping!!!