Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just like a movie

hey. just came back from kl about 2 days ago. watch a movie. about a family. about a girl. she went home with all sorts of problems in her hands which she needs to share with her beloved ones. so,she went home from all the hectic life she has in US. but when she arrived home,her family already have so much problem. all the problems went to her. she didn't have any time to tell them la because they were telling her their part of the story. in her life..she already have needed her family to support her,and to run away from all the problems..she went home but what can she do if her family already have their problems of their own? she cried when her parents took a fight with her older sister. but what can she do? when she advice the parents..they wouldn't listen. they think their decision is right enough without investigating first what is actually going on. like herself..she thinks that the sister is innocent because she heard both sides. she knows that her sister is plain innocent. so,she went back to US,but they never know what was her part of the story and how she cried in the plane all the time through out the journey.