Tuesday, March 24, 2009


sorry for the non-updated blog babies. for your information,i was in melaka since friday. for the 1st malaysia open debate. but yes...i know..i'm not the one yang debate again. i was there to learn. so..instead of debating..i went there to observe my team and to be the time keeper. so..the first day,friday the 20th of march,we bertolak at 8pm after buying some burgers and the arrival of the jengka team. so..the perjalanan was like 7 hours patut nyer la..but all the break and such..and the *garang* pakcik driver bus uitm dengan lambatnyer bawak (sorry..i hate him because he was angry at me because i dont know how to open the bus nyer storage thing'iy..yang in my life i panggil it boot?) haha..watever ended up sampai melaka at 5 in the morning. terer kan? muahaha..yang klakar lagi right..kitorang siap sesat kat melaka..we cant find the campus in city. bodo gler..then dah sampai kitorang dapat tau dat the rooms for us tak cukup but team was the coolest team ever..we just redha je la and slept like angels until 11am. then..siap macam nak mati because the competition nak start dah. :D siap sume so off we went to MMU melaka. competition was cool. my teammates were med,amirul and hazirah..and i'm their reserve la. so..everytime dorang cakap kat depan,i will understand la how to speak and such. habis je..before i went hone..i took a picture with a white dude. the pic above. haha. :D
the second day..we went to MMU but for that day..i cant be with my group because reserved cannot rapat and brain storm with them..:( sedih la but i can still watch the debate..thank god. tulis a few points and off we went home some dinner and off we went to the jonker street at 12am. haha. serious. so..when we arrived was about 1am already. went to jonker street and the red church. then..went we want to go back we ended up jumpe the jengka team so we went to the road where there are all the museums. ended up again..kitorang pegi mcdonald's!! large coke for me! dah la bleh refill..aaahh..the beauty of coke. :D love that coke! please god..can i have a coke kilang? anyway..lepas tu tido mati until next morning.
the third day..i ended up being the tourist guide for myself,salma,iylia,madam shat,miss suria,firdaus,ashrul..and yada2. went to 5 tempats..the ship in the middle of melaka tu..tak ingat name..then river cruise,menara taming sari,a'famosa and cendol. madam belanja. thanks madam :D so..went to our campus..siap2..went back to MMU..dok dalam bus for 1 hour then convoi to this water..something2..resort. owh..forgot to tell u guys..i found a guy..a adjudicator for my team's last round of debate. i helped him to keep the time. :D so..that night..the dinner..i saw him again. so..i;m like so ready to say hi..i mean..this is the first guy that i really like and i say hi first!! :D it's not an everyday habit u know..only guys that i really like i will tego them first? :) like him la. so..i took a picture with him..but because of my stupidness...and the nervous level..i forgot to ask his phone number and email..he's singaporean and he's 21 years old. he's a graduate student from temasek polytechnic. hurm..if u guys know him..SOMEHOW..please make me and him meet again and my life would be perfect already..:)
make me happy readers..find him. :)
love u guys.


ianb said...

His name is Tank. (: