Tuesday, March 3, 2009

coming home

hey! tomorrow i shall go to the terminal and go on the transnasional bus and kuala lumpur here i come. hurm..maybe i still have the bad 'ong' or bad luck with me. because i dunno why i keep having this sad mood thru out the whole week..i cant think straight. i need my family. thank god for the holiday on monday next have bout 5days to relax my mind.'s not long for my big issue..indeed..but what to do right? quit? hah! gler ke per? huhu..hurm..hoish! i need to have my strong inner self..back..seriously..i become weaker and weaker by day. why? i'm not sure. actually..i'm not really sure why i'm like this..why i'm not happy all the time. because of...maybe? huh..bullshit..crush cant make me weak. miss my home? hurm..maybe..maybe. penat la..seriously..penat sangat. or just i'm tired to tepuk sebelah tangan? huh..whatever la..i just need my mom and my house
see u kl