Monday, March 16, 2009


it happened on last was 5.30 in the morning. eh2..jap2..let me explain first,uitm kuantan for girls' campus is like an called la. every level there will be two houses for each of the floors. so,my house is on the second floor. so,what happened was,last friday,in my house there were only me,hanan,sarah and ida was in the house sleeping in the living room and wawa,qila and as in their room la. so,that night we were like sleeping nightmare and such. so,it was a weekend so we end up sleeping until..........afternoon. no specific time la. haha. but it was not because we want to bangun was because my neighbour,iylia,woke us up with a very thrilling story about what happened on the first floor. their laptops,handphones and money all gone already. seriously. and whats more scary is that he left something la..his shit in the toilet. in malays belief,it was one of the care for black magic to occur. the person that left the nasty thing in the toilet bowl is just learning how to 'pukau' the people that he wants to attack. so,that's what he did la. he pukau all the girls in both of the houses below our floor and took all their expensive stuffs. shitty right? i mean come on..we're students la weh. have some simpity la. kesian dont have any life is it? damn you. but the scary part is that a person told us that,that particular stupid person MAYBE going to come back to my block..because ours yang paling hujung will come back to go the second level plak. shit weh...scary tahap cipan. so..after hearing the news about he's possible comeback..we all cried..duh..scared kot. and all of us called our parents and cried and asked for advice and such. so yesterday we all prayed together and bace yassin. so..please..people out there pray for us for our safety. please.