Saturday, March 7, 2009

the hurt

so..whatever..i can easily love a guy. or just have a lil crush on him. when a guy treat me better than any other girl,i can just easily fall for that guy. especially for the funny kind of guy..perfect. :) like what the girls of mine has said..i have to stop loving every freaking guy that i know. but would i know if that guy is the one if u girls keep stopping me? and if that guy is not the one..u girls will actually say in ur heart..we told u so. hurts..yes..maybe they want to save me from all the misery of love. thanks. but yes..i think this guy that i know recently is a huge mistake. that's why ade banyak sangat halangan kot. my own best friend like him as well. before me actually. hurm..the guilt..yeah..there was but i dont know..i dont want to be the bitch that takes my own best friend's crush. that's sick. so..i think it is time to back off. for me..other people's happiness is much more important than mine. i love my friends than a jerk. not all guys are jerks but in my life..i always get the bad one. think from now on..concentrate in studies la. love2 ni agak bullshit ah skang. i hate love. lambat laun pun the love insyaallah datang right? maybe i should just wait kot. malas la nak hurt lagi. because even with this new guy pun..hurt je..he's like the most nicest guy ever la..but he still hurts me. so..pape la. study sab study. chaiyo!