Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hari hujan yang indah

hey! the other day..on monday..i went to debate's practice in the other campus..padang we were there already..we were informed that there was no for a drink kat a warung near the campus. suddenly..hoish..hujan was nice!! haha. so..we ran back to the campus..but tengah2 dah semput..haha. so..i end up just walking..shit..i need to build my stamina weh..or i end up walking in rain for the rest of my life. haha. so..dah kate pun basah me and friend..had a brilliant idea which is to main hujan!! was damn brilliant!! haha! best sial..ya lah..the last main hujan i think was form 3? hoish..lame gler dah..seriously..everyone patut buat seh..haha. with us..megat came along..main hujan..all the way to petronas and patah balik. haha. nasib i was wearing a non see through clothes. huhu. after that..we went back to the campus with a smile on our faces. puteri sabrina...awak sangat budak kecik. :D