Saturday, March 28, 2009

two great movies=PERFECT

hey. still in kuala lumpur. just came back from klcc. went there to see a movie,TALENTIME. omg,as usual,my favourite movie director,yasmin ahmad came up with yet another brilliant movie. god,how does she gets all the idea i wonder..while eating some buah salak bought by my mom from yogjakarta. owh,she flew from yogjakarta yesterday,got my abang ipar to pick my mom and my oldest sister and my lil niece from the airport. they went there since tuesday. went i was in melaka. anyway..the movie was PERFECT. owh..actually..i went to klcc for the second time for that movie. the first visit was for the movie,the confession of a shopaholic. it was a great movie but sadly,it didnt make it to my favourite list of movies that i adore until i die. haha. but talentime di. serious it la. it doesnt make any harm except for the racist part. yeah..there was a few parts in that movie. but what the hell right? i can admit that i AM a bias. because this is yasmin ahmad's it's ok. shitto. :p i went to the talentime movie with my sister and my mom and the first movie was just me and my sister. i love the movies that i already watched today. owh!! i love the indian guy from the movie-MAHESH!! omg! he's like so hot and cute at the same time! please la weh..he's like the hottest indian guy alive. haha. he's like perfect. haha. shit la..every guy that i like is perfect. bullshitto i call it. haha. but's not wrong to call a guy perfect right? please watch the movie. serious. i'm leaving for kuantan tomorrow. watch it u guys.
muah muah.


Reen Fozi said...

I know an indian guy, who's even better looking than that. Well, 2 me of course ;p