Sunday, September 12, 2010

camp rock


third day raya.

lupe nak wish everyone



sorry for everything that i've wrote in here that made u feel uncomfortable or kecik ati. didnt mean to. hee. love u guys, muahx!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


hell yeah. after saying FAK so many time for not coming to Malaysia, and the demands of fellow malaysians, PARAMORE IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!

weeeeeeeeeeeee! i'm soooo going. hoooyeeahhh.

hayley,love u much!

Monday, August 23, 2010


i'm sorry i neglected this blog so many times. -.-''
it's like because i dont have the time to write some of my thoughts kat blog. tengok la. dah name budak masscomm. assignment..walaweh. penuh dong. i have the courage to write back ni pun sebab now kat mcd..konon nak tunggu 3am and nak bace buku balik la. pfft. haram ah nak bukak buku. he he he. i dont know. i feel that i'm bored dah with masscomm. baru sem 2 ni. shit. and mcd ni kosong plak with guys yang hot. -.-'' tak mengenyangkan langsung. ok. cukup. faiz bunuh kang. heeeeeeeeeeee. :D

i have the courage lagi satu sebab..sebab ade orang yang aku sayang masukkan my blog under her list. woah. serious terharu. bukan active mane pun blog ni. but still ade gak stalker. hahaha. bagus! peminat sejati. ok. i should stop bullshitting around sangat la. nak bace buku. ok. tu bukan bullshit dah. i need to open my buku..ok la..after half an hour lagi. facebook sangat addictive. FUCK. ok

love u guys. jumpe lagi 3 bulan. HAHAHA.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


macam mane dorang buat kite sakit.
mmg ended up we'll make the relationship goes off.
break la babe. let's have some time..bla bla bla
first first tak sakit tau.
but lame lame..bler die dah buat bodoh
bler die dah menggatal ngan pompuan lain
tu yang sakit.
kite akan pike..die penah ke sayang kite?
die penah ke nampak kite terbaring atas lantai bilik..pintu kunci..nangis.
pintu kunci taknak bagi mak masuk sebab nanti mak risau.
banyak pompuan pike sebelum die buat sesuatu bende
guys? dorang tak pike langsung.
if dah ade betina betina yang babi yang sanggup layan dorang,tu dah cukup.
pompuan tu suruh ketuk tingkap,ketuk la die.
bler soh kejar balik kite yang tengah lari sambil nangis..susah nak buat
but bodoh kan..fall in love dengan a guy yang tak amek kesah pun if i cut my hand and die?
sebab why? die terlalu jauh.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

there's the end.

hey people! :) took a long time to realize that i miss my blog so much and there was no diary to write down my life sebab it's already half a agak rugi if nak beli a new diary yes? :) so what i'm showing down here,is just some of the pictures that i went through my life in uitm shah alam. there was ups and downs. tempat mane takde dua2 right? just hoping the second sem is not fixed with alot of bumpers though. cheers.

Monday, April 5, 2010



i have a new blog and i will not use this blog anymore. i wanna start fresh. new life, new laugh, new people, new lover.

visit it, it will not bite. :)

thanks lovies

Sunday, March 14, 2010


everyone has their own stalkers. maybe the stalker loves us so much or they are just crazy. like really crazy. i stalked people. because maybe i wanna know are they busy this weekend so if i wanna ask them out,it'll be less awkward.contoh. anyway,i have a stalker.


how terok this stalker is?

he is teruk.

well, we had some fling dulu but he chose his gf over me and that's it. the next time we talked he said the word 'celaka' to me and that was it. i broke off any connections except for his phone number sebab if he call me someday,i know it's him calling. i asked my best friends to delete him from facebook so he cant see my profile. some people as if my tak-sangat-bestfriends i macam biar la because it thought die malu la nak contact me after what happened and stuff. but things got worst.

he asked my phone number from my friend,A and A told me when we jumpe mase kat rumah one of my best friends mase tu and thank god A has a sense of mind so she didnt give my number. and just now my school friend H asked for my number. i knew that my stalker and this H is going to the same college. and i had this feeling that my stalker asked my number thru this chick. she doesnt want to admit it at first but when i told her the story..baru die faham and she said..yeah..he asked me to mintak my number. which is scary.

so the moral of the story...please take care of yourself people that everyone can be your stalker even your ex boyfriend or relatives or schoolmates or some random guy on the street. scary. i know. be careful. :)

and yes, i need a boyfriend. anyone?

Monday, March 8, 2010

back home

well, after 2 hours of bau badan busuk and dikepit oleh pendatang pendatang asing. sampai jugak kat rumah. didnt bring anything except for my phone,charger,a dress and pape la lagi. i went to see 'my name is khan'. pergh. the movie was brilliant. seriously. i was laughing and crying so much until my niece tengok i pelik. sorry icha. emo aunt you have here baby. :p shah rukh khan..woho..sumpah die handsome..making me nak curang dengan die belakang faiz. hahahaha. kidding baby. :p anyhow,the combination of shah rukh khan and kajol made a perfect couple again. walaweh. this is like the best hindustan ever. kalah ah kuch kuch hota hai yang songs die sume org stok hafal. why? pape ah.

in my life plak..i've lost a guy friend of mine. why? sebab salah faham. he didnt reply my messages after he was offended because i didnt say thank you for waking me up the last saturday. why he didnt reply my message? he accidentally tertinggal his phone kat rumah kakak die. Allahhualam. we fought. sangat trok. from our lembut bahasa towards one another..saya awak went into some harsh language..aku kau. it was harsh for me. why? because i used to like this guy. alot. and he didnt rejected me. just explaining me that his heart belongs to someone else but we continued our friendship until today. but when we got into this fight..all the f word and etc came out..i think i have a pride that i need to preserved. so i'm letting you go.

he was the first guy that i ever gave a bracelet to. it was a friendship bracelet. i gave him after i culik him from his hostel and when to a beach eating ice cream together. but ingat balik kan..

am i the only one yang ingat sume ni? or u skali?

i love our friendship so much that it hurts so badly when i let it go. i hope ur happy K.


Friday, February 26, 2010


alone in my room. eating hup seng biscuits for dinner. listening to some nasyid song yang my campus bukak kuat2. tima kasih banyak2.

well,this is like the first post after so long. someone asked me to update it. so here i am. lots's of things changed. for a start, friendhips. i have lot of new friends here. sume gempak gempak belaka. there's aizad,candy,fafa,azri,diha,erna,kat and lots more. the most rapat would be candy kot. and paling sayang kat. :)

but the weird part was the last day when i was in kuantan. when i saw ed,eikin,zaty,nad,adib and sha. peluk2 and crying because in a few hours nak pisah and all of us giving promises. the same thing-dont forget one another. well,obviously memang sume tak ikut the promise. including me.

when i started in shah alam. the first group i went to mcd seksyen 2 was nana,hanan,zat,ed and eikin and fini. i was so scared sebab i didnt know anyone from broadcasting yet. so cam..they are the only people that i can live with. i was so jealous sebab they have one another because they are sharing the same fac and same campus. i'm the only one yang terbabas. enough.

but i got to know my broadcasting friends. my first friend was atiq and i started to know this group of people..erna,epol,zul,que and others. i felt safe and memang kuar tiap tiap hari. we're like so close until now.

but cam i didnt actually faham when my mom said..when you have new friends..u would be comfortable with them more than yang the old ones. i cant accept that fact that kitorang boleh terpisah even though kitorang rapat gler before i went to masscomm.

but then..i was the one yang call them. i was the one that msged them to come and lepak with me. be with me. and just tanya khabar. but sampai bila aku je yang kena buat? i want you guys to faham i wont have to this. i want you guys to carik me balik.

please la. hargai your friends yang sayang korang like hell than people that are rapat but stab you from your back.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

a friend of mine

i can say that this person was my guy best friend. was? yup. because both of us went different ways. i went to masscomm and this guy another course. let's give him a nickname shall we? i think 'D' should be okay.

we were ok. but cam one day i called him by mistake. i wanted to call my friend from masscomm yang same name with him and i laughed like hell lepas dapat tau yang i called this D instead. i was okay tau but suddenly when i was laughing,he hung up. nice huh? memang mase tu memang rase marah gler. but i was doing my assignment and i was at the scene of photography dah so nak call balik nak maki tak bleh. so pendam dalam dalam. which was a stupid thing to do la. sebab lagi kite simpan lagi la kite marah right? so i tried to keep it and let it go. but with my baran..well..i dont think so. hahaha.

so i msged him la marah marah. tak perlu sebenarnya but how am i supposed to bagitau. if tak marah nanti paham plak kan? so discuss sume about our friendship sume. bla bla bla. i got hurt. die normal je. hahahaha. bodo. PMS kot.

now he tego me in facebook. jadik normal balik. i hope our friendship will last weh even though ade je budak2 bangang nak jadik jugak ur bestfriend. do not forget me weh. i'll kick ur ass.

thanks anyway pakcik. :) friends forever sial.


Monday, January 18, 2010

la la land

went back to my house last weekend. tumpang eikin and her dad hantar us to jalan TAR to buy some law books..for them la. along was hanan and ed. :) lame tak jalan ngan dorang. it was an awesome trip even though cam kejap je. kat jalan TAR, hanan's dad picked us up,just the three of us,me,ed and hanan and went to klcc. jumpe zat there and lepaked at this cafe inside kinokuniya. and ade this hot guy. hahaha. nak masukkan gak. :p and sampai rumah about 5.30 camtu and kak owi ambek kat lrt. about 7.45 camtu went to rasta and ate some good dinner. ordered some carbonara padahal mase kat cafe klcc dah makan the same thing. hahah. :p sedap gler.

balik from dinner mcam sumpah nak pengsan. went to the computer konon nak buat keje la pastu tertido depan laptop. nak tido my lenses wat hal. they dont wanna go out from my eyes. babi. hahaha. and mula chuak macam bodo. spend about 30minutes nak kuarkan je. ish. sakit bodo. and tido. konon pagi nak gerak my cousin,akmal to go out with me. but tido cam sial so ended up tido sampai kol 2pm. chop2. korang kene campus..setiap hari bangun kol 6pg. :DDD

so mula menggelabah sebab ptptn tak buat lagi and homework cam haram tak pegang. and cute bulat nephew nak masuk hospital sebab die sakit telinga. get well soon cutie. sayang haikal sangat2. sorry na takleh ade kat situ. :( and sempat la jumpe my nephew before i went to the kedai and kutip my photostat books. and my mom soh balik cepat nak habiskan hal ptptn. hell sial. sumpah penat that weekend. and sebagai anak manja taik,my mom and my sis hantar me to shah alam leaving my friend,awal balik sorang sorang. ceh..manja gler padahal u balik ngan kete sendiri. next week yeah dong? :p

now i'm writing some bullshits here sebab dah takde class. huh..suddenly the monday class yang slalunyer a ustazah ajar ditukar kepada ustaz. so i dunno mane ustazah tu pegi. hahahahaa. and got an assignment and kene bentang 2nd february!! urgh..i'm bored. :p now i'm listening to paramore and my roomate tengah tido. ini la budak2 pemalas sedunia. dua2 ekor terbaring terbongkang. hahahaha. bilik this semester sangat kemas. saya proud! hahahahaha.

esok kena nyanyi. oh god. sumpah jantung aku stop everytime teringat esok kene nyanyi malaysia oh tanah airku. ish!

nak gi toilet.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

home!! :D

Friday, January 15, 2010


zul,saiful and que. :) bodyguard!!

eating kfc!

sha,candy,aizad,saiful,zul and que

sha peace. saiful tido. que termenung. candy main rambut

me,candy and sha

aaww..poor ronald. kene rogol with aizad,saiful,que and zul

waiting for the abang ipar to come. :)

yesterday our class finished at 4.10pm. nothing else to do. we went out. laa..nothing to do in campus oh. so 2cars went. me,candy,sha,epol,que,aizad and zul. i went with epol's car along with que and zul. sumpah i cant stop laughing in this car weh. serious. from the jammed we've been thru in the campus up until keje was laughing. hahaha. see? hahaha. ok2. candy and sha went with aizad's car. :)

sampai sunway,aizad and the rest went straight to tgv to buy us some tickets. the vampire's assistant. while me and the others ronda ronda the sunway. and the guys had this idea yang dorang my bodyguard. BAHAHAHA. lawak sial. they followed me sume. and when i said i wanna go to toilet..dorang siap tanye-nak ikut ke? hahahaha. lawak2. kawan ngan this guys sumpah ilmu sume kuar balik. hahaha.

and we went to kfc and ate some beautiful chicken! and aizad kacau'd this lady. and this lady cam tertangkap lak ngan aizad. die siap masuk kfc after aizad main mata with her on the escalator. hahaha. :DDD so we were there for 2 hours jalan2 and laughing at this dude yang pakai mask while skating. sumpah..dont ask why he did that. so we didnt know what to do so we lambai at him and kidda give him the support that he wants. woot woot! hahaha.

the movie was okkkaaayy laaa. not my type of a movie. and this would be the first movie of 2010. taadaa. :D and the movie finished around 10 something and we went to the parking but aizad's friend nyer car wont start. so we teman them kejap until the girl decided to go back with her abang ipar and off we went back to campus.

it was a hectic day. but it was fun laughing my head off. and guling guling mase teringat balik.

sorry edelin because when u called i was with the 3 crazy guys yang tengah kaco aku. hahahha

thanks saiful sebab bagi aku tumpang pegi sunway! thanks aizad sebab hantar i balik cmps! :D

orite. i think masscomm is the best choice i've ever made. yeehaa!


Monday, January 11, 2010

second week

damn..if i continue doing this to my readers lari kot. i'm sorry yeah people for not updating my blog a long time. susah la. the wifi in uitm sucks. and i dont have a broadband. hahaha. sorry yeah? my second week in uitm shah alam. i felt agak bangga because i'm still living. sumpah mase masuk tu..i said i'm gonna die max pun one week. but i managed to hidup sampai skang. terer kan? terer kan? wah! hahahahaa. well,i went back to my home the last weekend. it was a total disaster. cant mention much here but i was grateful i was there for my mom and dapat makan satay. hahahahaha. my mom said i was the strength for her. so yeah...i'll be there when my mom needs me. :D

pergh..the journey to kuala lumpur was like shit. hahaha.i was standing for 2hours until the lrt station in bangsar and dalam lrt pun diri until jelatek. it was torture but it was worth it. dah la every week can balik on saturday je. +_+" i have kawat on saturday morning until 10am. after that the journey back to kuala lumpur. penat sial. dengan gelap gelita nyer my face. aiyo. how am i supposed to jumpe paiez next semester? wah! hahahahaha!

the food here..ok la...naik turun..naik turun bukit..still like a hippo. hahahhahaha. owh! ade glass besarr punyerr kat sini. :D rm3.00 je..any type of drinks. cool eyh? :) classmates rock! just 1week kitorang dah rapat. we went to mamak together..tomorrow is the singing thing'y. yeah..we're supposed to sing infront of all of us. hahahhaa. why? sebab the lecturer wants to hear our pronounciation. cool eyh? :D we need to baca alif until ya. a until z. sing 2 songs-malaysia oh tanah airku and favourite song. which i chose..use somebody..gonna sing it like the cover by pixie lott. wish me luck. :)

i'll try to update the pictures here in shah alam. 3 assignments already. cheh. hahaha.
thanks for reading!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

uitm shah alam


for all u people that didnt know, i got degree in mass communication after the interview i went about 3 weeks ago. :) so here i am, in uitm shah alam. :D for the first time in my life,i feel so scared tau takkkk!! mase my mom hantar me infront of the melati asrama..i wanted to go back. serious. sumpah takut ah mase tu. and that time was 5pm and after i got back to my room, i didnt know what to do. bodoh kan? my roomate hilang mane tah. so i waited and waited sampai my friend from kuantan but not so rapat ajak pergi mawar's asrama to see our old friends.

so we went to mawar and rupanya the people i loveeeee-ed,eikin,nana,hanan,finie sume tengah siap nak pegi mcd so ajak me skali. i was sweating like a pig so ed tawarkan baju die untuk tukar. thanks ed. :) and we went straight to the bus stand and naik bus for the first time. hahaha. sumpah lawak dowh. muka stok sorang sorang confident cam beruk but dalam hati chuak..tanye hati masing2-dorang ni tau ke nak turun mane..terlepas mati. so pape pun..kitorang survived naik bus pertama dalam hidup shah alam and kena jalan 5minutes to mcd. PUAS ATI SIAAALLLLL. hahahah. and yeah..makan tak banyak but minum..pergh..banyak owh. sian mcd kurang air sebab kitorang tak habeh2 refill. jumpe my ex law seniors-leslie,kak mien and chubby. said hai and chow.

the next day..first day class trus kat menara SAAS. apebende tu? menara yang paling tinggi in campus. and from my asrama..i need to take a bus. turun bus. naik tangga i think about 3 storeys high kot. and naik class..terlalu awal lak..sorry ah..taktau budget time lagi. hahaha. and ade this guy datang lambat...i call him edward cullen sebab he looks like edward. serious weh. tinggi..pale..rambut cam edward. so weird..and i asked my friend to call me bella. hahahahahaha. and i took tv and radio programming for my elective and i need to sing next week as my weekly assessment. +_+" dah pening dah camne nak nyanyi. haiyo! hahaha. and we need to do a short recording of us talking in foreign language in a scene. sumpah lawak dowh. and the lecturers are cool. respect that. :)

and here i am at my house. ade problem sikit,so i was needed at home. and i need to siapkan this biography of mine and kene hantar 12pm..and i dont know why i open up this website instead talking about craps and my first day in shah alam. hahaha. go on with it. :p

owh yeah,for that person,please la jangan perasan wehhhhh...aku nak ko delete my photos and my friends' photo because i am so bloody ashamed that you used to be in my life. and tolong la,when u said when i messaged you back just now to ask u politely to remove the pictures, u said i was just to tumpang kasih u back,oh god..please kill yourself. perasan sampai dah takde tahap. owh,please dong. i dont want to puke anymore. i cant understand how some people especially like you have this kind of high self esteem that can destroy our stomach by just puking.

just blah dowh.



Friday, January 1, 2010


maybe i should get some time from you.

because i think you are not there for me.

and i'm so offended by you

so i think we both need some time.

i hope you'll respect that.