Monday, January 11, 2010

second week

damn..if i continue doing this to my readers lari kot. i'm sorry yeah people for not updating my blog a long time. susah la. the wifi in uitm sucks. and i dont have a broadband. hahaha. sorry yeah? my second week in uitm shah alam. i felt agak bangga because i'm still living. sumpah mase masuk tu..i said i'm gonna die max pun one week. but i managed to hidup sampai skang. terer kan? terer kan? wah! hahahahaa. well,i went back to my home the last weekend. it was a total disaster. cant mention much here but i was grateful i was there for my mom and dapat makan satay. hahahahaha. my mom said i was the strength for her. so yeah...i'll be there when my mom needs me. :D

pergh..the journey to kuala lumpur was like shit. hahaha.i was standing for 2hours until the lrt station in bangsar and dalam lrt pun diri until jelatek. it was torture but it was worth it. dah la every week can balik on saturday je. +_+" i have kawat on saturday morning until 10am. after that the journey back to kuala lumpur. penat sial. dengan gelap gelita nyer my face. aiyo. how am i supposed to jumpe paiez next semester? wah! hahahahaha!

the food here..ok la...naik turun..naik turun bukit..still like a hippo. hahahhahaha. owh! ade glass besarr punyerr kat sini. :D rm3.00 je..any type of drinks. cool eyh? :) classmates rock! just 1week kitorang dah rapat. we went to mamak together..tomorrow is the singing thing'y. yeah..we're supposed to sing infront of all of us. hahahhaa. why? sebab the lecturer wants to hear our pronounciation. cool eyh? :D we need to baca alif until ya. a until z. sing 2 songs-malaysia oh tanah airku and favourite song. which i chose..use somebody..gonna sing it like the cover by pixie lott. wish me luck. :)

i'll try to update the pictures here in shah alam. 3 assignments already. cheh. hahaha.
thanks for reading!