Tuesday, January 5, 2010

uitm shah alam


for all u people that didnt know, i got degree in mass communication after the interview i went about 3 weeks ago. :) so here i am, in uitm shah alam. :D for the first time in my life,i feel so scared tau takkkk!! mase my mom hantar me infront of the melati asrama..i wanted to go back. serious. sumpah takut ah mase tu. and that time was 5pm and after i got back to my room, i didnt know what to do. bodoh kan? my roomate hilang mane tah. so i waited and waited sampai my friend from kuantan but not so rapat ajak pergi mawar's asrama to see our old friends.

so we went to mawar and rupanya the people i loveeeee-ed,eikin,nana,hanan,finie sume tengah siap nak pegi mcd so ajak me skali. i was sweating like a pig so ed tawarkan baju die untuk tukar. thanks ed. :) and we went straight to the bus stand and naik bus for the first time. hahaha. sumpah lawak dowh. muka stok sorang sorang confident cam beruk but dalam hati chuak..tanye hati masing2-dorang ni tau ke nak turun mane..terlepas mati. so pape pun..kitorang survived naik bus pertama dalam hidup shah alam and kena jalan 5minutes to mcd. PUAS ATI SIAAALLLLL. hahahah. and yeah..makan tak banyak but minum..pergh..banyak owh. sian mcd kurang air sebab kitorang tak habeh2 refill. jumpe my ex law seniors-leslie,kak mien and chubby. said hai and chow.

the next day..first day class trus kat menara SAAS. apebende tu? menara yang paling tinggi in campus. and from my asrama..i need to take a bus. turun bus. naik tangga i think about 3 storeys high kot. and naik class..terlalu awal lak..sorry ah..taktau budget time lagi. hahaha. and ade this guy datang lambat...i call him edward cullen sebab he looks like edward. serious weh. tinggi..pale..rambut cam edward. so weird..and i asked my friend to call me bella. hahahahahaha. and i took tv and radio programming for my elective and i need to sing next week as my weekly assessment. +_+" dah pening dah camne nak nyanyi. haiyo! hahaha. and we need to do a short recording of us talking in foreign language in a scene. sumpah lawak dowh. and the lecturers are cool. respect that. :)

and here i am at my house. ade problem sikit,so i was needed at home. and i need to siapkan this biography of mine and kene hantar 12pm..and i dont know why i open up this website instead talking about craps and my first day in shah alam. hahaha. go on with it. :p

owh yeah,for that person,please la jangan perasan wehhhhh...aku nak ko delete my photos and my friends' photo because i am so bloody ashamed that you used to be in my life. and tolong la,when u said when i messaged you back just now to ask u politely to remove the pictures, u said i was just to tumpang kasih u back,oh god..please kill yourself. perasan sampai dah takde tahap. owh,please dong. i dont want to puke anymore. i cant understand how some people especially like you have this kind of high self esteem that can destroy our stomach by just puking.

just blah dowh.




Adyla said...

hahaha apakah perasaan naik bus? haha serious i can tell u from A to Z nak pergi mana and how..queen of transportation la katakn..haha (xde license thats why ;p) nnt we meet okies? ;)