Friday, January 15, 2010


zul,saiful and que. :) bodyguard!!

eating kfc!

sha,candy,aizad,saiful,zul and que

sha peace. saiful tido. que termenung. candy main rambut

me,candy and sha

aaww..poor ronald. kene rogol with aizad,saiful,que and zul

waiting for the abang ipar to come. :)

yesterday our class finished at 4.10pm. nothing else to do. we went out. laa..nothing to do in campus oh. so 2cars went. me,candy,sha,epol,que,aizad and zul. i went with epol's car along with que and zul. sumpah i cant stop laughing in this car weh. serious. from the jammed we've been thru in the campus up until keje was laughing. hahaha. see? hahaha. ok2. candy and sha went with aizad's car. :)

sampai sunway,aizad and the rest went straight to tgv to buy us some tickets. the vampire's assistant. while me and the others ronda ronda the sunway. and the guys had this idea yang dorang my bodyguard. BAHAHAHA. lawak sial. they followed me sume. and when i said i wanna go to toilet..dorang siap tanye-nak ikut ke? hahahaha. lawak2. kawan ngan this guys sumpah ilmu sume kuar balik. hahaha.

and we went to kfc and ate some beautiful chicken! and aizad kacau'd this lady. and this lady cam tertangkap lak ngan aizad. die siap masuk kfc after aizad main mata with her on the escalator. hahaha. :DDD so we were there for 2 hours jalan2 and laughing at this dude yang pakai mask while skating. sumpah..dont ask why he did that. so we didnt know what to do so we lambai at him and kidda give him the support that he wants. woot woot! hahaha.

the movie was okkkaaayy laaa. not my type of a movie. and this would be the first movie of 2010. taadaa. :D and the movie finished around 10 something and we went to the parking but aizad's friend nyer car wont start. so we teman them kejap until the girl decided to go back with her abang ipar and off we went back to campus.

it was a hectic day. but it was fun laughing my head off. and guling guling mase teringat balik.

sorry edelin because when u called i was with the 3 crazy guys yang tengah kaco aku. hahahha

thanks saiful sebab bagi aku tumpang pegi sunway! thanks aizad sebab hantar i balik cmps! :D

orite. i think masscomm is the best choice i've ever made. yeehaa!