Sunday, August 30, 2009


well..i saw my friend's blog just now and saw that obviously..i'm not one of the needed friend anymore. i think bout it agak lame. maybe i'm not a good friend because i changed my friends..and maybe terlupa yang lama. i'm not sengaja babe. i'm sorry. maybe i now realize what an asshole i can be huh? to my old friends..nana especially,iqa,sha and people that i dont realize about this. i love all of u guys equally. and nana,i'll be here if u want me tau..

i love u guys. alot. from semester one kot kite kawan..

hope u guys can forgive me.

owh..i love my current friends gak.jangan kecik ati lak. hahaha. :D

love guys a lot.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my life

well,tadi lepas bukak puasa,i went to the terminal with sarah and eikin to buy me some tickets to go home this thursday. lame nyer tak balik rumah. and i love to kuar with izzat and my family. lame tak jumpe mamat sorang tuh. ahhaa. and mak and my kakaks..hope to see u guys on thursday. miss nyer rumah. but i got the 3.30pm about 6.30 or 7 camtu. sorry if kene bukak puase dalam kete. lol. na balik sendiri pun takpe..buat2 sedih..

anyway,after buying the tickets..we went to east cost mall because sarah nak beli her some starbucks beverages. teman la die kejap then kitorang just jalan jalan before heading home. penat gler cuz jalan with all the perut penuh from bukak puasa just now kan. ahha.

that's all. love u guys!

Monday, August 24, 2009

second and third day of puasa

well.for the second day..we went to the bazaar infront of the terminal and bought some marvelous foods and drinks before heading towards the stage tengah tengah the MPK field. and for my surprise..not only me,eikin,ed,ida,sara,hanan,izaty and adib je ade that idea but amirul,anis,ashrul and faizal did the same thing as terjumpa atas the stage but both of the parties decided to go on with different groups la. no joining joining. we ate like 1 hour or so and started to talk about sekolah rendah life la..all the pencil box yang ade dua tingkat tuh..and the easy bag..and how we tarik it. cam klakar sangat..although all of us are from different states..but we did the same thing. cool eyh? haha.

for the third day..which is today la. we went to mega to buy some mcdonalds because we called teluk cempedak's mcd..the guy told us teluk cempedak was having a massive black all the cooking stuff cannot use. but when we arrived there..there were LIGHTS. bagus kan? mane toyol yang angkat tuh..we cant find him. haha. damn u. anyway..we went to the mcdonald and ate and refilled our cups about 5 times kot. haha. and we blah from there about 10.30 and arrived about 10.50 infront of uitm's gate. fiuh..nasib sempat. thank u pakcik zabidi! wee!!

so..we had a nice time..skang kol 4am..gonna take my sahur now and sleep. madam farah's class tomorrow at 8am! nite people!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

to that madafaka

helo and welcome.

just now i read my friend's blog and there was this asshole which didnt like her much and entered her blog and left some shits in her blog's comment. ok,macam la asshole tu bace pun blog ni kan but for those people la out there kan..please la,i know..i know we need to prepare ourselves with all the critics and pujian on our blog as a blog owner but bukan ke orang orang yang meletakkan comment2 bodoh like that yang patut ditengok secara keji? woah..serious,that asshole that attacked my friend was a total asshole sial. i hate him so damn much. he went overboard. if aku tau sape ko,siap sial.

if u wanna make my friend camni..gler dowh. ko serious mati. dah la fazrina dowh. best friend aku cam nak mati nyer. ur going to hell.

selamat berpuasa everyone!!

do i go out too much ah? dont know la..i went out like everyday la this semester. bowling la..wayang la..drink la..lepak2 much of wasting time. i need to read but my mind was like


like damn la brain..just read la..and thanks to my butt yang takleh dok diam atas kerusi. and my eyes takleh concentrate ni pehal and now my mind berfikir


well..i am crazy. like whatever. well..i read my friend's blog,reen's to be exact. some asshole attacked her in her blog..story die like that la..nanti i call her. yes..busybody..sukati aku.



afternoon just now,we had a ceramah about aurat and perhiasan diri dalam islam. agak best. the ustaz was lawak and all the lawak was a bit dirty. mampuih la kan..the main idea is i wore tudung! weee!!! ed,eikin,sarah,adib and zaty pun. cute jerh. ahhahahaha. after the ceramah..we went to east cost mall but malas nak bukak tudung and we makan kat noodle station for our bukak puasa. ade this stupid of the waiters la..soh die tolong tangkap gambar with ed's phone..all the gambar..ok..ade 2 gambar je..both the pictures kan..baik punyer muka aku die tangkap half je. kawan kawan aku sume full face..aku half. tima kasih mamat bangla. ko ade problem ngan aku, cakap to my face ah!!!

nak gaduh?? nak gaduh??

anyway..makan sket je because dah kenyang. perut takleh sumbat banyak sangat tadi..dont know why..ok la!! it's a good thing what kan? weeee!!!

pastu siap jumpe ed nyer friend named ashrul..weh2..bukan ashrul afham my classmate eyh?? this is ashrul from kuantan yang kawan dengan ed. ok? he's been messaging me since 2weeks ago la..or jumpe for the first face was blushing like hell..adib siap kaco kaco muka aku merah..natang. ahhahaha. but it was a cute meeting session. hahahahaha.

dah..tu je la kot. pergh..lame gler tak post blog. i'm baccccckkkk!! hahaha



so,well,we are bored sometimes right? so,me and my housemates called all my guy friends and tercall la awal. awal? who is he? just a memory from the past. a sweet memory actually to be exact. he didnt like the idea about the calling and kacau2 part and marah me. haha. sorry la! aiyo. we talked to him thru the all of us agak dengar la ape die cakap and stuff. so..he didnt like the idea of being used like HEH? yeah..i'm also confused but pape la kan. but somehow when all of that finished and u said u wanna talk to me je..and i talked to u agak lame..maybe i realize,i still like u in a way that i always do before this. like dddeeemmm. ur a sweet talker la babe. benci gler. so by here i admit-i like u lagi. :)

sayang sangat.

lovey dovey. hahahaha. bodoh..buruk sial.

but yeah,i like u awal..well..i think love is a strong word kan babe? maybe we leave it to the side first. just get me first. lol.


Friday, August 21, 2009


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i think i love u balik.

damn it.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009


well,sorry for the not-so-updated-blog people.blame that person yang buat aku depressed. ahhaha. but u know me right people? i can be happy again like in one second la people!! weeee!!! so,i've been thru alot of experience this month. thanks kat izzatie sebab bagi pinjam internet. thanks uitm sebab block facebook kadang-kadang membuatkan jantung saya stop sekejap. lol. let me membebel kejap k? please? weeee!!

1.i met alot of new people.

2.i can talk to him dah!! weeee!! banyak nya progress saya!! :D

3.i have to do a model for my presentation next week..macam like form 5 arts je!! happy nyer!!

4.saya agak miss sama si dia

5.oh! oh! saya miss mak saya! :D

6.saya confuse birthday nak makan kat mane-yellow cab maybe? padahal birthday jauh nak mampus lagi. ahhahaha

7.saya baru balik dari tc. :D

8.saya rasa saya pokai.

9.awak miss saya kan? hahahahhaha

10.saya sayang awak! :D

Monday, August 3, 2009

for my friend

so,for my friend,izzat,lawa right? haha. :D i leh la tangkap gambar. :p

Sunday, August 2, 2009

blog..i'm sorry

hey people..i'm so sorry i didnt post up for so long. i have lot's of problems going on. i'm really really hurt inside. so..the mood to write up some posts..none..

i'm so sorry.

maybe i'll leave this blog for a while k?