Saturday, August 22, 2009

to that madafaka

helo and welcome.

just now i read my friend's blog and there was this asshole which didnt like her much and entered her blog and left some shits in her blog's comment. ok,macam la asshole tu bace pun blog ni kan but for those people la out there kan..please la,i know..i know we need to prepare ourselves with all the critics and pujian on our blog as a blog owner but bukan ke orang orang yang meletakkan comment2 bodoh like that yang patut ditengok secara keji? woah..serious,that asshole that attacked my friend was a total asshole sial. i hate him so damn much. he went overboard. if aku tau sape ko,siap sial.

if u wanna make my friend camni..gler dowh. ko serious mati. dah la fazrina dowh. best friend aku cam nak mati nyer. ur going to hell.


Aliff Aiman said...

yea..true..main suka ikut mulut jek..srs mmg keji gile la dia orang tuh..haha

sabrina said...

kan! bengang gler. u know which guy heh?