Monday, August 24, 2009

second and third day of puasa

well.for the second day..we went to the bazaar infront of the terminal and bought some marvelous foods and drinks before heading towards the stage tengah tengah the MPK field. and for my surprise..not only me,eikin,ed,ida,sara,hanan,izaty and adib je ade that idea but amirul,anis,ashrul and faizal did the same thing as terjumpa atas the stage but both of the parties decided to go on with different groups la. no joining joining. we ate like 1 hour or so and started to talk about sekolah rendah life la..all the pencil box yang ade dua tingkat tuh..and the easy bag..and how we tarik it. cam klakar sangat..although all of us are from different states..but we did the same thing. cool eyh? haha.

for the third day..which is today la. we went to mega to buy some mcdonalds because we called teluk cempedak's mcd..the guy told us teluk cempedak was having a massive black all the cooking stuff cannot use. but when we arrived there..there were LIGHTS. bagus kan? mane toyol yang angkat tuh..we cant find him. haha. damn u. anyway..we went to the mcdonald and ate and refilled our cups about 5 times kot. haha. and we blah from there about 10.30 and arrived about 10.50 infront of uitm's gate. fiuh..nasib sempat. thank u pakcik zabidi! wee!!

so..we had a nice time..skang kol 4am..gonna take my sahur now and sleep. madam farah's class tomorrow at 8am! nite people!!