Saturday, August 22, 2009


so,well,we are bored sometimes right? so,me and my housemates called all my guy friends and tercall la awal. awal? who is he? just a memory from the past. a sweet memory actually to be exact. he didnt like the idea about the calling and kacau2 part and marah me. haha. sorry la! aiyo. we talked to him thru the all of us agak dengar la ape die cakap and stuff. so..he didnt like the idea of being used like HEH? yeah..i'm also confused but pape la kan. but somehow when all of that finished and u said u wanna talk to me je..and i talked to u agak lame..maybe i realize,i still like u in a way that i always do before this. like dddeeemmm. ur a sweet talker la babe. benci gler. so by here i admit-i like u lagi. :)

sayang sangat.

lovey dovey. hahahaha. bodoh..buruk sial.

but yeah,i like u awal..well..i think love is a strong word kan babe? maybe we leave it to the side first. just get me first. lol.