Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my life

well,tadi lepas bukak puasa,i went to the terminal with sarah and eikin to buy me some tickets to go home this thursday. lame nyer tak balik rumah. and i love to kuar with izzat and my family. lame tak jumpe mamat sorang tuh. ahhaa. and mak and my kakaks..hope to see u guys on thursday. miss nyer rumah. but i got the 3.30pm about 6.30 or 7 camtu. sorry if kene bukak puase dalam kete. lol. na balik sendiri pun takpe..buat2 sedih..

anyway,after buying the tickets..we went to east cost mall because sarah nak beli her some starbucks beverages. teman la die kejap then kitorang just jalan jalan before heading home. penat gler cuz jalan with all the perut penuh from bukak puasa just now kan. ahha.

that's all. love u guys!