Saturday, June 2, 2012



omg. i didnt write for so long didnt i? its 5.30 in the morning. mom is sleeping infront quietly as i do my assignments. have another one day to finish everything up. oh, this is my final semester of my degree. happy to leave the assignments and dramas but sad to leave my love ones. i'm really2 busy nowadays. insyaAllah i'll try to come up with new stories everyday if you guys are still wanting to hear them. :)

how are you guys? great? happy? sad? message me to tell your stories. :)

well, during the unblogging period..i've managed to make my heart broken twice by two guys. oh yeah, i'm no longer with F, the guy from penang. let's just say he doesnt love me anymore. his choice. but somehow..after 6 months breaking up, we decided to be friends. i'm not sure why but i cant make my exes to be my enemies. weird huh? somehow i will be their friends. without the love of course. there's no hope if you think i'm hoping. NO HOPE. hahaha.

i thought the second one after F was the real one. but nah, it was a false alarm. and the third one was someone else's i decided to go FAR FAR FAR away from that guy. but actually he's my classmate. -_- so we tend to see each other everyday. but no worries. there's another 1 month to go for me to finish my classes and start with the practical and by december, WALAH! i'll finish my degree insyaAllah. first class yaw! :D

i've decided to NOT eat. starve my self until my i reach my ideal weight. wait! no! dont ask me to eat or advice me to eat. because i wont. you dont know my body. my weight can go up and down easily. so when i stop eating, walah. thin. come to mommy!

so i think i better sleep now..i'm starting to sound crappier every minute. i hope every reader i had before will come back and read all my crap i write in my blog. :p

love u lots,