Sunday, March 14, 2010


everyone has their own stalkers. maybe the stalker loves us so much or they are just crazy. like really crazy. i stalked people. because maybe i wanna know are they busy this weekend so if i wanna ask them out,it'll be less awkward.contoh. anyway,i have a stalker.


how terok this stalker is?

he is teruk.

well, we had some fling dulu but he chose his gf over me and that's it. the next time we talked he said the word 'celaka' to me and that was it. i broke off any connections except for his phone number sebab if he call me someday,i know it's him calling. i asked my best friends to delete him from facebook so he cant see my profile. some people as if my tak-sangat-bestfriends i macam biar la because it thought die malu la nak contact me after what happened and stuff. but things got worst.

he asked my phone number from my friend,A and A told me when we jumpe mase kat rumah one of my best friends mase tu and thank god A has a sense of mind so she didnt give my number. and just now my school friend H asked for my number. i knew that my stalker and this H is going to the same college. and i had this feeling that my stalker asked my number thru this chick. she doesnt want to admit it at first but when i told her the story..baru die faham and she said..yeah..he asked me to mintak my number. which is scary.

so the moral of the story...please take care of yourself people that everyone can be your stalker even your ex boyfriend or relatives or schoolmates or some random guy on the street. scary. i know. be careful. :)

and yes, i need a boyfriend. anyone?