Saturday, February 6, 2010

a friend of mine

i can say that this person was my guy best friend. was? yup. because both of us went different ways. i went to masscomm and this guy another course. let's give him a nickname shall we? i think 'D' should be okay.

we were ok. but cam one day i called him by mistake. i wanted to call my friend from masscomm yang same name with him and i laughed like hell lepas dapat tau yang i called this D instead. i was okay tau but suddenly when i was laughing,he hung up. nice huh? memang mase tu memang rase marah gler. but i was doing my assignment and i was at the scene of photography dah so nak call balik nak maki tak bleh. so pendam dalam dalam. which was a stupid thing to do la. sebab lagi kite simpan lagi la kite marah right? so i tried to keep it and let it go. but with my baran..well..i dont think so. hahaha.

so i msged him la marah marah. tak perlu sebenarnya but how am i supposed to bagitau. if tak marah nanti paham plak kan? so discuss sume about our friendship sume. bla bla bla. i got hurt. die normal je. hahahaha. bodo. PMS kot.

now he tego me in facebook. jadik normal balik. i hope our friendship will last weh even though ade je budak2 bangang nak jadik jugak ur bestfriend. do not forget me weh. i'll kick ur ass.

thanks anyway pakcik. :) friends forever sial.