Monday, March 16, 2009


i just read some shoutout in friendster earlier that i think it suits me very very well. 'i rather be alone,if i know that i cant have you'. wow. the quote was in myself that i cant get it out of my head. it's like a sharp pain in my heart. keep on poking me. it hurts. i mean,be proud la weh,ur the first guy i really like kot. we've been friends since last year and you can just let it go? not for me. if it's not for my dearest friends that keeping me from texting and do anything to communicate with you,i already text you. but with your bad ass ego vs mine,no one will message each other will we? i will only hurt myself. but how can i just forget? you were there when i was down. you were there if i'm confused about something. hey,'s kidda stupid to think bout the top friends agenda..but come on people,the people that we put on our top friend list are people that we not deny it. so,it hurts when you suddenly put me out from the top friend list. then you put some stupid bitch's picture instead. weh,tolong la. i know you never couple before but for god sake,come on,i think the monkeys beside my school last2 year can know the likish that i gave to you since last year.come on,you suddenly think that you are the hottest guy ke? *puke* i dont know bout everyone else but one thing,i like you because of who you are la weh..we've been friends since 10th november 2008. not because of your looks that the bitches can see on you. it hurts la weh. it does. can you at least stop it?