Sunday, March 1, 2009

debate's dinner

orite..fine..i know u guys are tired with the debate's title..over and over again..sukati blog wat..hee. anyway..i got this dinner for the debate uitm jengka+kuantan on the 3rd of april 2009. so..the theme is masquerade..jap..dat's how u spell it right? anyway..this theme require to wear a mask..which i dunno where to find...tell me people..where to find it in my chatbox..please!! susah la..mane penah in my life penah carik..hurm..i think in toys r us ade kot..but tu bukan utk kanak2 kerw? pelik2...i dun wanna wear catwoman or a witch's mask..i'll end up looking like a bitch..haha. kidding. hurm..pening2..for the dress plak..aiyo..susah la sayang oi..penat nak carik..hurm..dah la kene tutup aurat because this is uitm we're talking mini skirts..owh..wat the skirts above the ankle to be!!! reen!! shopping!!!


Reen Fozi said...

Hehe. Jom!!!! I've got this mask if u want 2 borrow it. Got it from Farah on my bday =>