Monday, March 16, 2009


see? i'm already bored. cam agak bangang ah. hurm..let me tell you a story..i wanna go home but i cant..kot la..because i need to go mmu melaka. but i already bought the ticket to go back home. but if i go to melaka best favourite place on earth kot. owh2! did i tell u guys bout the quick sand incident? i was kutip'ing the shell and the mother pearl that i found around the beach near portugis settlement. so..when i was kutip'ing..i fell into a quicksand..i was like..shit..i'm gonna die!! so,i jerit without moving because i learned that if gerak banyak2..i will go deeper and deeper. like..omg..serious takut. then..i jerit la my sister's name..'kak nita!!!' but she didnt hear the first time but when i called out so many times after that,she heard and there she was..flying towards me like superwoman. haha. no la but she was panicking la her beloved sister was like half way through the stupid quicksand already. bangang..i hate quicksand. haha. the more bangang'er..the first person that i called was that stupid crush..(which if u read the earlier know la..the 'wow' post) so anyway..stupid2..i dont know why i called the guy. macam la die kesah right? bodo...i hate myself to be in that quicksand and called him. BODO BODO BODO BODO BODO!!!!!!!

what i'm trying to say ACTUALLY was about MMU kan? what the hell la sabrina? so yeah..i'm confuse..should i go or not? that's all.

beloved blogger,
sabrina jiwang karat.