Monday, December 22, 2008



i hate my maids! i have two maids in my house. one is always,24/7 in my house watching over those lil brats that are actually my nephews and niece. and another one which comes only twice per week. i dont know why but i really hate and get really irritated by them. ya..ya..they help me and my mom but sometimes,they are irritating!!!!! god,ok,just now,the maid that comes twice a week came to my house to clean it up and yesterday i just got my late dad's polaroid camera which u cant find easily nowadays,so,i just put it safely on my bed and went out. when i came back,she hand over the camera to my mom and said,'owh,it opens by itself and i cant close it back'. like what the hell? ya..right,the camera us alive..r u trying to say that? stupid la. i duuno why but the more i hate them,the more the irritate me. from when tah i try just to make them non-exist infront of me but there they are,saying helo or just asking me stupid questions! just give it up already! i'm not going to melt if u do good towards me,just stay out of my sight,do your job and hands off my things,it's that so hard? u are paid to do that,u notice?

furious master,sabrina