Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the huge family gathering!

i went to penang on the 27th of december because i have this family gathering. a huge one actually. i am a decendent of a pagaruyung royalty which moved to penang,tanah melayu. so,every 2 years,we will have this family gathering from all across malaysia and also for our families overseas as well. on the 28th,in early morning,me,my mom and my sisters were all ready to go to USM penang where the gathering was held. we were incharge of the registration. many families came to this year's gathering. more than 400 people came. i was wearing a white kebaya..hehe..i want to tell well as my mom and one of my sister wear the same white kebaya as well. we were gorgeous. :D but i was broken hearted when my dream guy,the reporter that supposed to show up..didnt turn up..but maybe he had something ya? god knows. was a lovely day. the food was great,got to meet my cousin from penang that i know form the medan trip last month. i hope the family will keep up this tradition. the way..i'm the seventh yeah? :)