Sunday, December 21, 2008



hai u guys..i'm really sorry cuz i didnt write much in my blog lately. things occur in my life so much until i dun have the right mood to write this stuff u noe? so anyway..the motif i'm writing dis is cuz i went to medan like a few weeks ago and i didnt have any time to write bout it! owh god..i keep babling isnt it? shut up sabrina..haha.
so..let me tell u why i went there first k? actually i have a big family. like helly big!!'m from a keturunan from pagaruyung,sumatera indonesia. my great..great..great..great..great..great..(u got the picture..) granpa was from there. his name is Dato' Jenaton. he left sumatera one day cuz he was hurt by his father. so he went to tanah melayu. and he landed on penang. then he got married to my great(u want me to rewrite that long great's again??) :D grandma which is mix with arab and chinese..that's how i got my sepet eyes!! :) got me as their great grandchild.
so..i went to medan baru nie just to see my granpa's land. and the people that are related to him..or in me.

the first day,
on 28th november 2008,me and my mom with my auntie and uncle went to klia to naik the plane at 8am in the morning. so..met some families there as well and we all went together. but there are another batch that used the MAS that arrived at 12pm and another one from penang that arrived at 9pm. as well as a reporter(owh!! i tell him in another article!! :D) from utusan malaysia to cover a story about my family. 8.30am,we landed. so we rushed to a istana which is in the heart of medan city and there are some history that are related to us. then we went for our lunch and some SHOPPING!!! :D 5pm we checked-in in our hotel,GARUDA PLAZA. at 8pm we had our dinner and met some of the indonesian families in our hotel just to get close.

the second day,
we went to batu bara which is like 3hours from medan and stayed there for one night. there,we went to the village that dato jenaton lived just for a while. so there,we met our families,more than yesterday. we also went to few graves that are related to my keturunan. for dis was a bit tiring because,we went to this grave which is really deep in the jungle(scary rite?) but we can go there with ride there with was sick! haha. i mean..we got stuck and stuff..haha. because it was tanah all jadik muddy and stuff..haha. then for the next one..we went to this old istana but the prob is..the jambatan there was in the process to be had to ride this beca..haha..that was funny like hell..haha. but it was nice. i mean..k=just me and my mom u noe? we share a lot of stuff. after all the adventure,we headed to our hotel to check in(another hotel) in kisaran..which is about 20minutes from batu bara..cuz in batu bara..there was no hotel.

the third day,
we check out,then went back to batu bara and was greeted with tarian melayu and silat,owh,in batu bara ladies and gentlemen,the kaum there is purely melayu,the dance,how they dress up in traditional outfit..omg..i swear..the guys wear baju melayu and sampin k?? haha. i goodness..i thought..we're the only one that has this adat..but no..another part in the world ade gak..god..hhaa. so..there..we ate our lunch and went off to pantai bunga which is said that there was a ship there tha belongs to my great granpa that sinks there and the treasure was all there as well and if korek the beach,u can find some old coins there. after that we went dinner in a small town with teriffic performance just for us to see and we were greeted by the whole village. the was sick k? they were hurting themselves just to prove that they cant feel anything..thank god they did that AFTER the dinner...ffiiiuuuhh. :D and at 12am..we went back to medan..and about 3am baru sampai in medan was so tiring but is was amazing!!

the last day,at 8.30am..we went to have our breakfast and went back..
thanks mak for bringing me to medan with u!! and i also find my 'the one'..haha