Sunday, December 21, 2008



so..the last article is about me going to medan right? well.i didnt tell the story about a guy that i met there..right? haha.'s the story. he was a reporter that was brought with my family to cover about my family's history. and he's from utusan malaysia. he's name..well..i can tell u that his name starts with 'R' and ends with 'L'. god..from the moment o met him,i know he's cute and all but i saw sparks. i is logical if he's the one. :D i really like him..hehe. and before this,my mom are not a crazy fan about her youngest daughter la..talking bout boys and such but this mom love him! and this is not weird enough k? let me make a list about the 'SIGNS' that i dunno..maybe he's gonna be mine someday? haha. let do this!!

the 'SIGN' list

1.he's the first guy i saw in the whole airport(i'm not bullshitting k??)

2.on the second day,at lunch,the only seat that is missing a butt is beside me and the only butt that didnt find any seat was his!! :D

3.he started talking to me like i'm the only girl there! die BUAT BODO kat my cousins. :D

4.on the aeroplane from medan to kl..we need to ikut our seat and my mom right..guess who seat beside my mom..HIM!! mom sakit perut and left us alone and he started talking!! :D

my status now..MELTING!!!! god..he's cute,he has a steady job,he's NOT married..what more can a girl ask?



HANAN K said...

go for it sab! go go go!