Sunday, October 26, 2008

raya again!! in campus!!

on what date tah..but it was on wednesday,we were dreaming and smiling cuz we didnt have class until evening but was interrupted by loud lagu raya's. i was like..'iqa(my roomate)what the hell is happening down there la wei??' then she said that the raya celebration was about to start. i was like..damnit! and both of us was rebut'ing the toilet to wash ourselves and get dress in our raya baju raya. and that was when all the seniors came! owh,fyi,our seniors are quite hot. haha. so,the one i like(i cant say his name la kan..) was there! :) omg..u should asked my roomate how i react when i saw him. haha. so,all my friends were ready and they went to our room to go down together which is so cute because we ended up wearing the same colour! all of us k? not bullshitting's so true! klakar k? eheh. nway,all the purple people,my group,went down together and all people looked at us,not vein k? hehe. but dont noe if it's hatred or just jealous we're beautiful that day. :p love that day! love the food and the celebration mood!! but was interrupted by the english test after the celebration..damn it! but over all,love it!!