Sunday, October 26, 2008


yeah! the third raya! but i'm not celebrating it because i'm in cherating! omg! i love cherating since i've been here two years ago. it's like one of my favourite places to relax from the busy town of kuala lumpur. but the not-so-nice-part is there's no more clubs there. i mean,not the club that's full of dancing people and stuff but the one that has bar in it and live band. oh god..i dont noe why they were not there. hurm..but the beach is still like usual! nice! love it! but i didnt get the chance to swim cuz i didnt bring enough clothing because after i relax at cherating,my family sent me back to my campus in kuantan which is like 30 minutes drive from cherating. nway,we went to osyter hunting to seeing a pari lying dead on the beach and not forgetting the jellyfish that was caught by this stupid boy and made the jellyfish die. damn u. haha. hurm,then we ate at haipeng which is a kopitiam in kemaman, about 1 hour drive from cherating. hai peng is like THE kopitiam in the whole of malaysia!! it has coffee(duh!) and local varieties like nasi dagang,mee hoon and such. love it!! then for dinner we went to this ikan bakar stall. we stayed there for 3days 2 nites before they sent me back to my campus..huuh..assignments..haha