Sunday, October 26, 2008


first day!!

omg..i'm really sorry for not writing this topic earlier! i've been so caught up with my life,assignments and bla..bla..bla. so,this year is quite nice raya! i've managed to kumpul duit raya yang banyak cuz in my whole family,i'm one of the few that r still receiving raya money cuz i'm still studying rite?? haha. nway,the first day,me and my family went to kubur ayah and my nenek,moyang sume. then,uamh wanchik to fatten ourselves up. haha. then,went to rumah wanlong which i dont noe and my sisters went all vein with ourselves..u can see the pictures..haha..yes,good raya times..haha. then,went to wanmah's house which is like 3 minutes away from wanlong's house including the lift travel and using the car lah of course..with all the food we stuff in our stomach..u tink that we want to walk is it?? no way..i'll puke..definitely..haha. so,went to wan mimi for the last visit to rumah org. so,that's my raya..penat owkey!! even if it's like 4 houses je but the pain of smiling to our relatives..owh my god..penat..if tak senyum..muke masam sume..KECIK ATI LAH PLAK...haha.,i love my first day of raya!! u??

second day!!

on the second day of raya,every year,my house will be open to all. as usual i invited my friends but all in their own kampung so..they cant come..huu..but 3 came,my adik,syikin,my guy friend,nabil and adina!! my old school mate! love them for coming! :) so,my mom as usual cooked her special nasi beriani, and all the lauk for the nasi. delicious mak!! :) so,after that,all my family came and lepak'ed at our house until evening. until everyone went home..that's where we rest but we have to pack our bags cuz going to cherating the very next morning!!! wuhu!!