Sunday, September 21, 2008

broken hearted..lah sangat.


it makes me wanna puke if i've done nothing wrong but some people tend to make it like it is my fault? helo,weh,if ur not satisfied,tell to my face,dont go run away this is college..grow up!penat lah weh. dah lah we kidda rapat.i have th e rights to say this because YES,i've done nothing wrong! so,what u want me to do? kiss ur feet and beg u to make u come back yeah? in ur dreams. as u know,i'm not that kind of person unless it is really my fault. nak merajuk wat per cik kak? ur 18,i'm 18,say to my face,confont me,like i care,but at least i noe what the hell is ur problem towards me,or as u said,"my problem"?? alah..dun want to confront,kill me leh..and go on with it. because i dun have any pukes left.