Friday, September 12, 2008


i went to avril's concert!! IT WAS AWESOME!! her voice is like damn sebijik like in the radio! so,anyway,i went with my sister,kak owi! best sangat ok!! wah! it was so worth it!! all the hard work and such! i need to buy the ticket bus cuz yeah,i'm currently in kuantan rite. then,actually,i was in town the other week but went back to kuantan to go to classes and went back to kl to go to the freaking concert!! woah! try to talk it very fast..then you know how tiring it was. haha. so,i spend 4 hours in the bus reading my book and listening to my hp's songs..and calling up all my friends in kl n telling them i was coming home. then,when i arrived,i waited at nando's for my sister to pick me up there and we're off to stadium merdeka which is very near to puduraya. i was wearing a HOT BLACK T-SHIRT(literally la's like written-HOT-on the back and infront as well) haha. and 3 quarter jeans and my pink converse. dude..i feel like i was 12 again. haha. nway,my sister and i wore black.


  • i was wearing black because i want to sorok my sweats..duhh

  • to make my figure look good(works people..haha)

  • it was raining..thank GOD i was wearing black!! teehee!

nway,back to avril,she started the concert with girlfriend and the rest was history..duhh i'm gonna remember the list of it. so,this concert would be the 5th concert i've been in my life. thanks to my sisters! u guys rocks!