Friday, September 12, 2008

college life

owh!! i love this!! teehee! nway,my life change when i got a letter from uitm saying that i've an interview with art and design faculty which is so cool for me! i went to the interview but i didnt get that subject instead i was screaming my head off in my car with my family in it,i got ASASI LAW!! but it didnt occur to me to look where uitm is going to send me to and apart of my family is so painful to me cuz i never been apart from my mom and my EVER!! so,what the heck right..i took the offer and there i few months after i've got the offer,i went to CAMPUS JENGKA!! PAHANG! which is like surrounded by thousands of ekar of hutan!! damn it!! but wasnt my campus which i have to spend 3 semesters in though!! i went through a ROUGH orientation week! but i've met a few hot guys there. haha. nway,after the orientation week,all asasi law and asasi tesl went on 4 busses and off to go to our own campus,in KUANTAN!! wuhu! yes people! in the middle of the city. u can see..i am a city materialistic!! haha. so,been there for 1 month to discover 13 crazy people that has the same brain as mine! which are-nana,iqa,sha,ida,sarah,hanan and shubby,is,megat,amirul,zat,illya and fadli. and here we are today,being labelled as the elit group..enough said. we hate the rumours. they dont know how they turns us into an unhappy group as we are usually bubbly and happy. nway,i still love you guys..stick together orite? we can do this you guys! muahx!