Monday, September 15, 2008

make peace not war


with war within us waiting to be unleash someday..maybe we should join together in hands..put out the fire of dendam'ish and live on in a peaceful college life. i love all of u guys. no matter ur rich or poor. if you're a bad person,it's up to u,not me n i'm just gonna be ur fren anyway. in the rumours said..we only friends with rich peole..i think NOT. i'm just a regular girl who faced my father's death 9 years ago n now currently staying with my single mom. i'm not rich but i'm also not poor. i'm just ordinary. we cant judge people by their richness. their parents brought the money home. it's not our money. so,we are all actually ordianary. only our parents are rich or's not our fault. it's freaking simple..just apologize..and accept it. it's simple. yes,the problem is not mine but i'm involved in this because u guys are. do not involved us,the unactive ones. we love u,yes,but ur gone overboard. hear us out,maybe we have better ideas to make peace. seriously..i love you guys..but not only us,the people that said bad things towards us,found out who r we first..then u can kutuk us like hell...make frens first. forgive and forget.