Friday, September 12, 2008

travel..part of me

even though my blog only live for one hour from it's birth,i need to update to u guys bout my life which i have already gone through. nway,the word TRAVEL..i love it. as my family loves it like hell,i was dragged into loving it as well but i'm really bersyukur i was born in this family. as my late dad was an army officer,we travelled alot. but in my case,it's only melaka if it's with my dad. after he passed away,i went to lots of places such as china at first when i was 11,then Indonesia for 4 times already and lastly for this year,i went to the magnificent thailand. in this countries i've been with my family,d country i love the most would be thailand. i dont has this attraction of it's kind and their love towards their culture,king and country making me love it so much. so,these are a few of the pictures that i already captured through out my travelling life! enjoy!!