Monday, September 29, 2008



i just knew that i need to duet for lawesl idol..for those who doesnt know what the hell is it,lawesl idol is LAW+TESL idol..which is a singing competition. all of us,law and tesl studs were FORCED..(but i like it..hehe) to do audition on i think..somewhere in august..then 30 people were 'TERPILIH' and this 30 people need to sing again for semi finale that cut us into 11 people and i'm one of the 11 people tu...nway,for final,we all need to sing at our seniors' annual dinner.

but i think..i think la kan..i'm d only person in this competition yang taking this competition seriously tau tak..i i poyo to pike bout dis competition everyday? before i noe dat i have to duet with someone,i've already ready with a guitarist,my favourite guitarist ever,salma! :) to sing when ur gone by avril..acoustically..damn..i feel guilty like hell when we dapat tau yang we need to duet..the first thing i thought about when abang chubby said to us that we need to duet is salma..she's like been latihan'ing herself to play guitar for me owh..suddenly je something occur..aiyo..but now i'm trying to get a song that me and my partner,FADLY,can sing at the same time with salma playing the guitar..huhu.

nway,i got fadly as partner siut!!! wuhu!! thank god!! best owkey! dat we can sing with our own b.fren!! yeehaa!! haha!

so,tell me what duet songs i should nyanyi orite!! :) thx!!