Friday, September 12, 2008


haha! finally i got a blog people!! love to share with u guys part of my life,part of me and part of u!
orite...bout me. sabrina bt zamri is my name. i was born on 28th of september 1990 by my beautiful mom,tengku saeedatol mazian which married to my handsome late dad,zamri bin mahmood. along with me,three older sisters, puteri baizura.puteri roselyn and puteri juanita. i didnt get any hp until i'm 16 years old. not because of poor.. just my family tradition but was broken by my favourite uncle which have a life in australia,ayah ngah who gave me my 1st handphone!! thx ayah ngah!! i went to convent school all my life. started when i went to convent infant jesus(1) when i was 7 in melaka. when back to kl when i was 8. i went to convent bukit nanas until i'm 17 with spm wrapped in my arms. ok lah d result.:) so,for 6 boring months,i waited for d ipta result,including eating,watching tv dat made me fat like hell,i got asasi law course in uitm kuantan. on the 28th of june 2008,i went to jengka for my orientation week that made me smaller..a lil bit..teehee..den,with uitm bus,we all,law and tesl(lawesl) studs went to our own campus which is in kuantan. i got my own group member as my roomate,iqa. in the double decker,one sink and one toilet. yes...for quite sometime i tink i was in prison. but then,i dun have to queue every freaking morning. so,yes,my life is just living in campus kuantan now.WHICH IS HOT!! i lurve lemon tree!! reading law books and hear stupid people talk about my group. your own business. ur future dudes. love u people! because i have two lifes...which is my normal life which i manage to live with for 17 years and the other one which is the college life,i have two set of frens which i'm damn loved and i love them too..haha. normal life frens-reen,edelin,zarith,syikin,nabil,all 3A 2006 classmates,all cbn gurls my batch,nadia bryne,farah nenek,rabbit,didy,ethira,sabby,alia,aainaa,sarah. for my college life,i got my nana banana,hanan honey,iqa roomatie,sha fad(hehe),ida pervert,shubby booby,firza guys,papa mirul,papa is,zat,granpa megat,fadli my adik,zuhairi,din,daus. all law studs and tesl studs!! owh2!!! my family!! my late dad! my mom! my sisters!! my cousins!!,that's about me,actually i live in a normal average life..not too poor..not too rich..not as they say group consist of rich people..argh..see you in hell.