Saturday, December 19, 2009

outing with cinta's part 2

u guys need to read it from down. konon smart ah. hahahahahaha. go down ah. gelak sorang sorang lak.

owh2! before that. let me explain. when u have 3 gorgeous ladies that likes to be cam whores..and there is a xlr. i cant do anything to prevail. so i sneak in the pictures as well. :D sebab kami hyper and love photos!! :D ok,u can go down now. :)

vintage babe!

me and konon nya mabuk scene


bler dah dapat camera..owner die drive. ape lagi. hahaha

bought some for our mommies.

nak balik dah.

me and edelin waiting for reen

muke disgusted sebab takde duit. hahaha

MNG SALE! babi!!

kena tarik again. shit.

me dancing on the escalator. :D

reen tak dengar edelin cakap. hahaha

me over excited. hahahaha

excited dah habis shopping!! weeee!

weeee! cam whores


nyum nyum!

me and texting my skater boi. :) u know who u are. lol

reen tgh buat ape tah



watches lak..

MUKA HAPPY TIPU....penat babi shopping. hahaha

reen and shopping..tarik aku skali. ahhaha

bored kan edelin? hahahaa

reen asking me something

2 gorgeous ladies.

me looking at hot guys. edelin tangkap gambar and reen tak puas hati sume buat bodo. hahaha

edelin was bored. seriously. hahahaha

reen dah start shopping...


shopping in topshop!

on the way to buy us some movie tickets!


weeeee! :D finger!

reen tengah siap

love this! :D

terbelah and pirate sesat

cute ah tuh. boring. hahahaha

laughing out loud..orang belakang tengok bengang

chicken liver

hippy and pinky. hahahahaa

in the club scene


peace. eat chicken more!

the nando's. nyum2!

reen and poses. tangkap la secepat mane pun..she WILL pose. hahahaha

edelin happy sangat ngan makanan..she cried. hahahaha

so here i am in nando's happily waiting for my lunch.

well..we went to nando's for our lunch. it was just me,reen and edelin. we went out pun nak tengok movie-princess and the frog. :D it was awesome!!! :D