Monday, December 21, 2009

port dickson

raining beaches. who would go to the sand and guling guling? my dream of making stupid faces when i see the sandy beaches with gold sand, holding a coconut in my hand sipping it...crushed. why?? BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING!!! pfft..serious la weh. i went there with my sis and my mom. and my sis had some meeting there with her boses so me and my mom konon nyer nak pegi beach that evening..but it's all just a dream sebab hujan! went there for 3days! 2days hujan! and the third day kena tolak awal lak tuh!! benci benci! and my friend was there but i thought she wasnt back from jakarta yet..she went there when i was going back! she got the tan! not me! argh! sakit nya jiwa raga aku!!

anyway..because of that..i turned on the aircond..and jadik badak sumbu on my bed in the hotel wrapped in my blanket and pashmina..eyh...camtu eyh eja die? anyway,besides being a badak sumbu that can read a book called eclipse, i wanted to go downstairs and just get soaked in the swimming pool..but there was too many people having the same thought as me...euw..too many people in the swimming pool...imagine how many people pee and kentut in there. urgh. gross much.

so..had some marvelous food. none of which i need to pay. hahaha. sumpah best. and got me a sunset agak lawa. :) and me busy msg'ing my skater boi.

so..being a badak but having a friend to msg with me..with the cold hotel room and my blanket. it was a cool holiday. just to relax from the busy kuala lumpur. :)



.paiz. said...

i like badak. especially blue hippo :)

sabrina said...

owh no! u read this blog about me being a badak! :O malu nyer!!! :">