Monday, December 14, 2009


i went to istana budaya on the 7th, the same day as my interview for mass comm. the interview went well. :) happy with that so i did enjoy the theater even though,for me it is quite unnecessary for it to be in a theater. why? because i'm not quite sure actually but if you people know about natrah,u will get my point. the part that natrah SHOULD go back to her parents,she should la. the mother gave to cik aminah to be taken care of just for a few days. but for the religion side,she should stay in islam la. but what the heck kan? who am i to judge? :) but in many theater i've been to, this one didnt cut to be in my favourite list la. i'm more towards,more dancing and singing other than just plain talking and talking in sastera kind of way. i love puteri gunung ledang or p.ramlee musical for the local production. but not this one.

but luckily some stuff there made me open my eyes from sleeping! remy! hahahahahaha! and i got to see him after the show and showed some love! hahahahaha! got to peluk him. :D happy sial! and to meet the beautiful umie aida and maya karin. hah! love them so much! these are a few pictures taken! :D