Sunday, December 13, 2009


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well,this trip was about 2 weeks ago. before i went to kuantan. let's just say this trip is like a trip to lepas geram. ye ah..roller coaster tak tinggi mane pun aku jerit nak mati. +_+"

went there with my mom and my 2 older sisters, kak owi and kak nita. cool tak! we went there by kereta and rent a room in seri malaysia. yeah? if u want cheaper food and place to stay,please stay in seri malaysia. why? ok2, from the lobby, if u walk, 2 minutes to the right,u'll find a mamak stall. if u walk 5minutes to left,u'll find a strawberry farm. but for the people yang agak gayat, better dont because you need to naik the cable car eveytime u wanna go to genting theme park ow whatever. but for my family,kitorang dah agak biasa with the cable car,so we dont mind much.

after giving rendang and nasik impit to our stomach..why rendang? why nasik impit? sebab that day was hari raya haji..+_+" hahahahaha. so my family nak jugak sambut the raya spirit,so we cooked the rendang and makan kat dalam hotel! wah! hahahaha. so after that,we went straight to the cable car. we waited for 40minutes or more just to get a single cable car! serious the line was so looonnngggg! and malaysian being malaysian, dah boring tu..tengok orang sebelah mengumpat..tengok kiri pulak..mengumpat..ape hal ko? tak kira kaum dowh. sume camtu. haih..pening aku. dah separuh gila and paranoid ngan orang sekeliling baru dapat cable car satu. tu pun kene share with 4 other people. senyap pulak takleh wat bising. damn it. hahaha.

selepas 20minutes of silence..

we arrived in GENTING!!! sumpah ah..muka takleh blah dowh mase sampai..sumpah jakun..padahal baru pegi mase tu. hahaha. ternganga sorang2. but that time was about 4pm and it was raining. so we waited because the theme park outside will close if there is rain or heavy mist. so waited macam bodoh..and suddenly there was no rain and the best part,no mist AT ALL!! bleh tak?? cool gler. and we bought the ticket after leaving my mom kat this cafe so she can relax mase anak anak nya menjadi budak kecik badan besar balik..hua hua!

and we played and played everything kot! every roller coaster! every rides sume main! and i tried to win some teddy bear but ended up beli'ing the token sampai rm12. which is ssoooo not worth it. bodo nya teddy bear. and about 8pm camtu, we went down to see the last episode of nur kasih. HAHAHAHA. yes..satu family addicted with that tv show. sume senyap je mase mula. hahahah. and we ate our dinner and we went to this cafe in awana hotel to enjoy some supper and live music. :)

the next day, we went to the famous curry house that u can find in one of the shop houses besides seri malaysia. that food was awesome!!! so go there ok??

that's it! chow!